Wideye Potion Hogwart Mystery: 4 Facts You Must Know

wideye potion

Wideye potion harry potter hogwarts mystery

The wideye potion is a sleeping potion that wakes the drinker up after a few minutes. It is usually used for people who are very tired and need to stay awake for long periods of time (like when they’re on guard duty).


Wideye potion penny

Its color is blue with white bubbles inside.  It has a light, watery scent and the taste of a fresh breeze followed by a hint of mint. Once ingested, it causes one’s eyes to become big and puffy as if suffering from allergies.

That this item is even here means that there are at least two people in existence who enjoy blue potions with bubbles and a hint of mint.  I’m not saying that everyone else is wrong, I’m just saying there are at least two people out there who have different tastes.

The wideye potion penny grants the drinker the ability to see through obstructions as if they were mere illusions.


Wideye potion crush

Today I saw a magician crush a wish potion and he dropped the dust into his tea. He looked up at me with his red eyes and said, “If you can guess my name, you will be granted one wish.”

He then took a swig of tea. What was his name? He is a magician from the world of Harry Potter.


Wideye potion wizards unite

As you might have heard, a group of Aussie Harry Potter fans have been hard at work on translating the original seven books into Latin.

What’s more, they’re already on book three! Here’s your chance to discover a whole new side of Harry Potter and broaden.