Why won’t my fitbit charge hr sync? 6 Solutions

Fitbit will automatically sync every time it starts up. There are times when the Fitbit sync with the Android and iPhone devices that are used fails to do. Why can’t Fitbit Charge HR sync with the device being used? The causes of Fitbit sync failure are quite diverse.

Why won't my fitbit charge hr sync

Why Fitbit Charge HR Can’t Sync & How to Solve It

Some of the causes of failure to sync Fitbit with Android or iOS are wireless connection problems, Fitbit is no longer connected to the device in use, Bluetooth connection problems, there is interference with the Fitbit operating system, and connecting to many devices at the same time.

The following 6 solutions can solve the problem of syncing Fitbit with the Android or iOS device you are using.

Turn on Bluetooth on Android/iOS

Bluetooth is a synchronization medium between Fitbit and the Android/iOs device that is used. Turn on Bluetooth for synchronization to take place.

1. On iPhone, Bluetooth can be activated by opening the Settings menu.

2. Then, in the Bluetooth option, press the button on the side.

3. On Android, Bluetooth can also be activated in the Settings menu.

4. Open the Settings menu.

5. Then, select Connections.

6. Select Bluetooth and activate it by pressing the button.

Check When Last Fitbit Synced

A check of when the Fitbit last synced should be done. The purpose of the check is to find an indication of when the sync problem started.

• Tap the Today tab.

• Hit Profile Photo.

• Go to Image of connected device.

• Tap the Settings icon.

• Under Fitbit devices, check the last time a sync was performed.

• Information on battery level and Firmware version is also available.

Perform Manual Sync

Automatic synchronization has proven to be a failure. Time to force manual sync on the Fitbit app.

– Tap the Account icon.

– Select the name of the Fitbit tracker.

– Find and select the Sync Now option.

– Synchronization will be performed.

Update the Fitbit App

The Fitbit app you are using may be out of date. This could be the reason why the Fitbit Charge HR can’t sync with the device being used. An application update needs to be done to synchronize the system version and firmware with the Android/iOS device used.

Fitbit updates can be done directly in the app or via the online Fitbit dashboard. Prepare at least 50% power before updating so that the update can be done without any problems.

1. Hit Profile.

2. Tap Image of connected device.

3. A pink banner with the text Update Tracker Software will appear if there is indeed an update for the app.

4. Tap the banner.

5. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to update the Fitbit.

6. The connected Fitbit and Android or iOS device must be close together.

7. The Fitbit app update is complete.

Disconnect Your Fitbit

The trick to solving the next Fitbit sync issue is to disconnect and reconnect the Fitbit pairing via Bluetooth. This kind of trick can generally solve various problems, including synchronization problems.

• On the Android or iOS device connected to the Fitbit, go to Settings.

• Then access the Bluetooth menu.

• Select Fitbit and remove it from the list there.

• Restart the device.

• Make sure Bluetooth is on.

• After that, open the Fitbit app.

• Select Set Up a Device.

• Follow the instructions that appear.

• Sync between Fitbit and device will be done automatically.

Reset Your  Fitbit

Reset or wipe Fitbit is the ultimate way to solve sync problems. A reset aims to return all settings to their original settings so that the changes that caused the problem to occur no longer appear. How to reset the Fitbit depends on the model.

• Reset the Fitbit can be done by inserting paper into the hole in the Fitbit tracker.

• Reset options are generally available in the device Settings menu.

This Fitbit sync issue may sound trivial but it’s actually really annoying. The causes of the problem why the Fitbit Charge HR can’t sync with the connected Android or iOS device can be various. Whatever the cause, a solution to the problem is readily available.