Why is Levi So Strong: Detailed Explanation

Why is levi so powerful

Levi is a highly trained soldier, and he has the battle experience that comes along with it. He’s able to outmanover most titan shifters, and can kill them easily.

He’s also extremely proficient with the Three Dimensional Maneuvering Gear, being among the best in the entire regiment. This allows him to attack from any angle, and make full use of his equipment.

Levi is also a skilled tactician. He’s able to analyze the situation quickly, and formulate a plan that will allow him to deal with it.



Why is levi and mikasa so strong

Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman are the strongest soldiers in humanity. They alone have been able to defeat the Titans, creatures who have been killing humans for a century now.

The reason they’re so strong is due to their bodies being modified as part of a paramilitary program, with the goal being to create super-soldiers capable of wiping out the Titans.

Specifically, Levi has been modified to have incredible agility and speed, both by changing his body shape through intense training as well as giving him specialized equipment that allows him to glide over long distances.

This lets him move incredibly fast, launch rigorous attacks at enemies all around him, and dodge objects thrown at him.


Is levi the strongest of the crew

Levi Ackerman is the strongest of his squad, but not necessarily in terms of physical strength. There are 3 main components to being a soldier: Physical Strength, Coordination and Resolve. Of these, Levi excels at all of them.

He is stronger than the average soldier and his resolve is such that he can decapitate an Abnormal without batting an eye (in fact, the only people who seem to make him pause are Eren and Mikasa).


Why is levi so much stronger than mikasa

I think its because levi has inner strength. He’s not like mikasa who can only rely on her strength or any other ‘powers’. Mikasa is like the typical super heroine whereas levi is more like batman kind of characters (don’t know what i mean by that) or maybe it’s because attack on titan is more about levi than mikasa.

Mikasa is actually the strongest character in SnK, not Levi, that’s why she got her own OVA dedicated to her fighting abilities and backstory.

I agree with you on the fact that Attack On Titan focuses more on Levi than Mikasa but, I would say that Mikasa is the most powerful character in AOT.


Is levi stronger than eren

Yes, Levi Ackerman is stronger than Eren Jaeger. Attack on Titan has no official power ranking for the characters but there are other visual clues that can help determine their strength. Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 5, “First Battle” features a fantastic comparison between Eren and Mikasa against Jean and Marco.

Eren was able to break Marco’s jaw with a single punch whereas Mikasa needed both knives to do the same. Both Jean and Marco had their jaws broken by Eren and Mikasa respectively.

Levi was able to judge this accurately and he said during Season 2 Episode 1, “That kid (Eren) broke the sound barrier” when seeing his rage.