Why do titans eat humans on AOT? Best Answer With Explanation

Why do titans eat humans in attack on titan

Titans eat humans because they want to. They literally have no free will and it’s literally their instinct to seek out humans regardless of whether or not they are hungry.

There’s also the fact that most titans only try to kill Eren at first because he smells like a human so it can be said that there is still some humanity left in them as they want to taste what it’s like before completely devouring and crushing the human skull.

Eren has the ability to turn into a titan himself so there is some humanity left inside him as seen by how he didn’t eat Carla and only killed the people who kidnapped him and tortured him.

He also had no qualms killing his former squad mates after they tried to kill him even though he had no reason to.

It’s also shown in the manga when Armin saw a titan killing other titans who were attacking Eren. It seems like they are not above turning on their own kind if it means getting rid of one pesky human who is giving them trouble. There is also that one scene where Eren is inside the belly of a titan with gun.


Why the titans eat humans on attack titan

This is not my theory, this was one of the theories on Reddit. But basically… Titans are on a never ending search for more human flesh to eat. When Eren turned into a titan he said that his father told him that titans were humans too in the past and they can’t get enough of it.

So basically they are humans that turned into what we know as “titans” now and they can’t get enough of eating other humans (or maybe it’s because their stomachs mutated and only human flesh will fill them up, I don’t know).

Now why do they eat people? From what we’ve seen on Shingeki no Kyojin, they eat humans just to keep themselves from starving. They become crazed animals that only want meat and nothing else.

But why do they have to eat humans? If they are basically human, then where do the extra bodies go? Well it’s because this is Attack on Titan we’re talking about, not Grave of the Fireflies or The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.


Shingeki no kyojin why do titans eat humans?

I bet a lot of people have the same question, since everyone at some point watched Shingeki no Kyojin and wondered why do titans eat humans?. They are big, they don’t talk at all, most of them look pretty much like zombies or something from horror movies.

You would think if they were intelligent enough to form society, they would be smart enough to find non-human food or at least plant life. Well that’s not the case. Why they do that? Simply, They eat people for regaining their humanity.