Who is tanjiro’s grandfather? 3 Facts About Him

Yoriichi Tsugikuni was the first Demon Slayer and the inventor of Sun Breathing. He is not a relative to the Kamado family but a very close friend . The Hinokami Kagura is another name for the Sun Breathing which was passed down from father to son since generations in the Kamado family.

Is yoriichi tsugikuni related to tanjiro kagemaru?

Yes, Tsugikuni Yoriichi is Tanjiro’s grandfather.

The proof: In volume 14 of the manga, there is a flashback scene where #1 (the leader of Monou-gumi) asks Recca to take care of Kuroiwa Shuri (Yanagi Sakoshita) who is pregnant with Tanjiro’s child.

This event happens after the dragons war, which was started by Monou-gumi to take revenge for Tanjiro. So this means that Kuroiwa Shuri is his wife who became pregnant right after the war.

Yoriichi is close friend of the Kamado Family

Fans only learned a little bit about his origins in both the manga and anime series, but we know how powerful he was as a demon slayer during the Sengoku Era. As we dig deep into the background of Yoriichi, here is what we know so far on this legendary swordsman.

Who is tanjiro’s grandfather actually?

Tanjuro was a quiet, calculating, forgiving, charismatic and loving person. He had peaceful relationship with his family and regularly lectured Tanjiro about life.

The last known user to manifest this power is Tanjiro Kamado, which was taught to him by his father, Tanjuro Kamado. Knowing where the power came from, Yoriichi was able to perfect this style and soon became a blueprint for other types of styles to follow.

When He appeared?

While he appeared calm on the outside, he showed a decent, noble aura with a quiet perception to his surroundings. According to his son, he did not like standing out or displaying his true abilities to others. However, if his family is in danger, he would not hesitate to protect them and shows no mercy towards the enemy.

If you noticed Yoriichi’s forehead, you would recognize the Demon Slayer Mark that he bears on it. What you may not know is that the place where the mark turns out to be the exact same place that Tanjiro has his mark.

How his power?

Tanjiro has to fight against Lower Rank 5, Rui, and is nearly killed by his Blood Demon Art when a flashback of his father telling him to breathe and become Hinokami resurfaces in his memories. Tanjiro remembers himself and Nezuko as children watching their father perform the Hinokami Kagura throughout the night.

Tanjiro asks his mother how Tanjuro’s able to perform the Hinokami Kagura throughout the freezing night, only for him to be told there is a way to breathe so that he can dance no matter the temperature. Tanjuro then tells Tanjiro to make sure the hanafuda earrings and the kagura get passed down uninterrupted, no matter what. Tanjiro then switches from the Water Breathing, Tenth Form: Constant Flux, to use the Hinokami Kagura: Dance.

Is tanjiro’s father a hashira

It’s a natural instinct in a sense for Yoriichi to use this skill, helping him predict the movements that his enemies make. Yoriichi has been able to attack his opponents more easily by using his senses as well as seeing into the Transparent World