Villain Deku Bakugou Todoroki: Everything About Them Both

Villain deku bakugou todoroki

At some point, there’s a trend in articles on this blog about villains. Villains can be great characters that people like. Some of the best characters ever are villains. So it isn’t surprising that they get their own articles on occasion- hell.

I’ve written an article about one of them before. But villains aren’t always great characters. If a protagonist can be a jerk, why can’t a villain? And because of this, sometimes we get characters that just aren’t very good.

And sometimes we even get characters that are bad and evil at the same time, who make everyone around them miserable without accomplishing anything or having any reason for it other than wanting to be a jerk about it.

These are contemptible villains, and they can ruin an otherwise decent story with their mere presence. So, what makes one of these characters so bad? Well, let’s find out.

The first thing that needs to be said about this character is that he isn’t actively evil. Not every character who does bad things is a villain.

Villain deku bakugou todoroki x reader lemon wattpad

A collection of One-shots with some Villain Deku, Bakugou x Reader and Todoroki x Reader!

I’m so in love with this ship and I hope you like it too! This is my first fanfic, so please don’t be mean. This is also posted on Quotev, but I post mostly updates there.

Villain deku x todoroki x bakugou lemon

Bakugou looked up at Deku, who was standing over him with his arms crossed. “I don’t want to go.” Deku’s face remained blank. “You’re going to sleep in the spare room tonight,” he said firmly. It wasn’t a suggestion; it was an order.

“No!” Bakugou shouted as he climbed to his feet. “You can’t tell me what to do! I’m not a kid!”
“You’re acting like one,” Deku said coolly, and then turned away from him. Bakugou could feel tears of frustration prickle at the corners of his eyes. His best friend and his boyfriend were ganging up on him, and he couldn’t do anything about it.

“I don’t want to sleep away from you!” Bakugou shouted. “It’s cold and lonely there! Why can’t I come back to bed?” He’d been trying so hard not to cry, but as the words left his mouth he realized they were true.

He was afraid of sleeping somewhere unfamiliar, and he wanted nothing more than to crawl back into Deku’s warm bed and fall asleep snuggled against his side. But he didn’t want Deku to know that, so instead he was trying to convince him with anger.

Deku ignored him and kept walking away from the room where Bakugou had been sleeping for a week. Every night he climbed into bed with Deku and fell asleep in his arms, but it wasn’t enough.

He wanted to sleep in the same bed as him every night. And he wanted Deku to touch him when they slept; not because sex was what he wanted but because having another person close by made Bakugou feel safe.