Villain Deku and Uraraka: Everything About Them You Need to Know

Villain deku and uraraka ochako a relationship

Villain Deku and Uraraka Ochaco have been confirmed to be in a romantic relationship by an interview from the author. In honor of this, I have decided to post my headcanon about them every day until Valentine’s Day, which is February 14.

While their relationship will not affect canon events at all, it is still a part of the My Hero Academia universe and thus relevant enough for this blog.

I wrote about both characters before in my ‘Hero Killer Stain vs Villain Deku’ article , so I will not be going too much into detail here. If you wish to read more about them and their relationship then please check it out.

Villain deku and uraraka fanfic

It had been a couple of days since the internships were over and everyone was finally free for the holidays. Now that she had nothing else to do, Ochako Uraraka decided to pay Izuku Midoriya a visit. Maybe she could finally confess her feelings for him this time, but not before thanking him again.

“Oh!” Uraraka smiled deviously as she opened the door, wearing nothing but an oversized shirt that came down to her thighs and some matching panties underneath.Midoriya! I’m so glad you came.”

Midoriya opened his mouth to speak, but before he could say a word, Uraraka had already grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him in. Before she knew it, she was kissing him all over his face. “I’ve been wanting to do this ever since they day we met.”

Ochako Uraraka bites her lip in anticipation. The crowd of people around her are cheering, but she pays no mind to them, eyes only on the hero before her. He holds his weapon back behind him, a jet of steam shooting out from it, condensing into shape above his head before lowering down into the miniscule size of a needle.

And then, he dashes forward at speed that seems impossible. She can’t even see him, but she feels it as he runs toward her.

Is ochaco uraraka a villain

Your favorite character is a villain and you love it! That’s really toxic and I hope to convince you otherwise.

How can Ochaco Uraraka (UA) be considered as a villain? You might say that she was ready to kill people in the Sports Festival, but this isn’t true at all, so let me explain you why.

What is a villain? A person who behaves morally wrong with the intention to achieve his own goal, usually personal or selfish in that case. Some can even intend to benefit/help people but still be considered as a villain due to their methods.

Is ochako in love with deku

Ochako is in love with Deku. There’s no question about that, but if you’re asking if Ochako wants to date Deku, I’m not sure she knows herself. Since this is a romance blog, let’s get specific about what sort of romance Ochako might want. When pressed, many people like to pick “the best of both worlds,” so I’ll do the same.

Deku is kind, selfless, and has a huge heart. He’s friendly and considerate and hardworking and strong-willed and all sorts of positive adjectives.

Is uraraka in love with deku?

Uraraka is so weird what does she see in deku he’s such a loser, put an end to this madness and get your limbs ready for the upcoming season of bnha where uraraka and deku finally get their limbs and realize they don’t belong together.

Like i’m pretty sure most of this blog is littered with comments about how uraraka’s feelings are actually very obvious so idk why you feel the need to ask this, but she does have feelings for him. everyone was shipping them before it became canon.

Is uraraka a villain

I’m not sure if she’s a villain. I don’t think so. I can see why people would say that, but in truth I really do think she’s more of an anti-heroine rather than a straight up villain. Somewhere along the lines her goal changed from “I want to help everyone!” to “I want to help everyone but I’ll do it my way.”

However, this behavior of hers may seem villainous to the average reader so I can see why people would think that.