Villain Deku and Bakugou: Fun Facts about them

Deku and bakugou kidnapped

Villain deku and bakugou killed Izuku Midoriya. They don’t have any emotions so they can feel no pity or remorse, as a result of their heightened levels of testosterone.

It is an emotional hormone that makes us better humans by being able to connect with others. A Villain takes away the ability to feel those emotions. So, as a result it makes the Villain bad, and usually evil.

Since they don’t have any emotions, or anything that ties them to another person, they would probably just kill Izuku Midoriya.

Bakugou and Deku Friendship

Bakugou Katsuki is the best friend of Izuku Midoriya. He wants to be a hero too, and has a lot of passion about it. Villain deku and bakugou kidnapped izuku midoriya to get back at his parents.

While both villains wanted to kill Izuku Midoriya, they thought that the best strategy was kidnapping him. They could use him as bait or ransom money from his parents so that they could build up their own wealth. Villain deku and bakugou killed izuku midoriya to get the money for themselves.

Villain deku and bakugou fanart

I’ve been following @alienqueenmomo on twitter for a while now, and was honestly shocked to see this drawing of Deku by her! I’ve seen a lot of fanart from the two but nothing like this.

I love how her style is so different and cute compared to other fanartists, I especially love the big eyes on Deku! It makes him look super innocent but also focused at the same time.

MHA reacts to villain deku and bakugou

Does Bakugo Turn Into a Villain?

Bakugou is one of the most beloved “heroes” of Boku no Hero Academia, but does that mean he will remain on the side of good throughout the series? Let’s take a look at some evidence from the manga so far. First off, we have Bakugou’s current villainous affiliations with the League of Villains.

While he might not necessarily be an official member, his close relationship with them is undeniable. For one thing, Bakugo was the only student in Class 1-A who recognized Kai Chisaki as the leader of the Eight Percepts of Death.

Is bakugo the traitor?

Katsuki Bakugo, a character from My Hero Academia was recently accused of being the traitor responsible for the conspiracy. Is he though? That’s what we’ll reply to in this article! Before we delve into further details, here’s a brief recap on how this whole accusations started.

The series starts off with all Might and his beloved sidekicks holding a banquet to welcome the fresh recruits who passed UA’s entrance exams.

The first years of Class 1-A were just seated and had their dinner when they started discussing among themselves about how it was all strange that All Might showed up in person, despite being sick.

Is deku in love with bakugou?

Yes i think he is in love with bakugou. As a matter of fact their relationship seems to be unstable. But, maybe there’s more then met the eye that’ll come up later on in the series. Bakugou will have to have a heart of gold for this pairing to work.