Tonks Patronus: Who is She, How and Why She Changes, and More

Who is tonks patronous

Nymphadora Lupin, more famously known by her surname Tonks, is a half-blood witch and the only child of Ted and Andromeda Tonks (née Black). Her middle name was given to her because it also appeared on the list of people suspected of being the “Heir of Slytherin” in an issue of theprophetspeaks, a tabloid magazine.

In her youth, Tonks attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. During her time at Hogwarts she was sorted into Hufflepuff House and soon became quite a favourite amongst many of her professors.

Her Head of House along with others believed that she might have been a great wizarding champion if she had just put her mind to it.

However, after graduating from Hogwarts, Tonks did not pursue a career in Quidditch or any other position within the wizarding world despite being fully capable of doing so. Instead, she joined the Ministry of Magic and upon becoming a full-fledged Auror.

Tonks patronus change

For those who didn’t know, the Patronus is a shield of sorts… it’s so strongly tied to your happy memories that not all Dark wizards can conjure them. That means the only way they might be able to get through it would be by attacking you with your own ‘dark’ memories.” Tonks’ patronus was a wolf. Remus Lupin’s was a werewolf. ”

“But that doesn’t make any sense!” Harry said, earning him an odd look from Tonks. “I mean… if I understood why my Patronus changed in the first place, then maybe – but now it makes even less sense! If anything, my Patronus should look like Voldemort!”

“In that case, I’d be a bit more concerned about my Patronus. Lord Voldemort is very strongly tied to all of your ‘dark’ memories, which would make it a lot easier for his own Patronus to get through yours.” There was a small silence as Harry tried not to think about the fact.

Why did tonks patronus change?

In the chapter entitled, “The Beginning,” there are several examples of Rowling using words having to do with color. For example, “…the door flew open and a blood-red figure burst into the room–” (Rowling 9). This is the first clue that Tonks’s Patronus has changed from it’s original form (pink) to red, which is the color of blood.

It may seem strange that her Patronus changed from pink to red because frankly, it doesn’t fit Tonks at all. However, there are other hints in the book that point out why her Patronus has changed so drastically.

Tonks’s Patronus becomes a doe because it is her mother’s Patronus. It has also changed to the color of blood because her love for Remus Lupin has grown into that of romantic love, rather than just familial affection.

The book, “Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them” describes a doe as being a messenger of impending danger, which ties in with the whole idea of Tonks’s Patronus changing to warn her of impending danger.

The doe is also said to be “a symbol of enchantment,” which could mean that she has fallen under the beautiful, enchanting nature of Remus Lupin’s love.

What did tonks patronus change into

The Patronus is the projection of one’s own happiest memory. When Tonks’ Patronus changed, it was a clear indication that she felt genuine and deep happiness (in spite of the general danger and peril surrounding them all at this point). We can assume, therefore, that her new Patronus takes shape of Lupin – whom she obviously adored and was deeply in love with.

“Then suddenly, as a sharp peal of thunder split the air, it had gone. She felt almost bereft at the loss.” – Order of the Phoenix, Chapter 36 (The Only One He Ever Feared).

Persuade tonks patronus charm

How to persuade tonks patronus charm, once they are dead, their patronus will not listen to you any more. instructing the patronus to do something may well.

They always follow their masters’ orders about as well as house-elves do. but you seem to have bound yours unusually tightly – curious. i wonder whether, if i am slain by an elf, my own patronus would obey me.

Why does tonks have two patronus

Given the fact that it is impossible for an adult wizard to produce a Patronus, much less TWO (see “Age Restrictions” page above), this question has never been raised in canon , but there is a theory. Tonks might be underage when she was made Nymphadora; underage wizard.