This video is restricted please check the google workspace administrator and or the network

Video is restricted is something that usually happens when you watch youtube. Youtube has this feature to limit the videos that are worth watching. There are two things that make the video is is restricted. First you activate the restriction mode. This will make the administrator restricted the video.

The second reason is that your country blocks the video. We will try to provide 2 solutions for you. You can do this to overcome restricted videos. You only need to do some settings on your account.

Video is restricted because of the administrator and the network

Some videos on youtube may not play in some countries. You will find “This video is restricted.” This means you can’t see the video. This happens because of google administrator or your network connection.

There are two things you need to check if the video is restricted. The first thing you have to check is the settings on your YouTube. If this still doesn’t work, you’ll need to change your network. The video is restricted because it is banned by the provider in your country.

If you use a vpn, you can solve the problem. We will explain the first trick for you. You have to turn off restriction mode on your youtube. If this trick fails, you can try the second trick.

How to fix restricted video by checking the google workspace administrator

Restricted video could be because you turn on restriction mode. This is a feature on your youtube account that will filter certain videos that you don’t deserve to watch. This is commonly used by parents on their child’s youtube account.

All you need to do is turn this feature off. follow the steps below to turn off restriction mode on your youtube.

1. Go to youtube, you can do this via mobile or desktop.

2. Tap profile, it’s in the top right corner if you’re using a desktop.

3. Scroll down.

4. Tap “restriction mode.”

5. Then, turn it off.

6. Now, reload the page to watch the video.

7. Done! Now, you can watch the video without any restriction.


You can also watch restricted videos via the browser. Go to your browser -> open new incognito tab -> paste the url then tap search. Incognito browser will play the video using the guest account. Even if you turn on “restriction mode” you can still play the video.

How to fix restricted video by checking the network connection

Have you turned off restriction mode and still can’t play the video? Well, if this is the case, then you have a problem with your network. The only thing you need to do is change your network to use another country’s server.

Some videos will be restricted in some countries. Each country has their own policies & they reserve the right to block videos that are not worth watching. To overcome this you can use a VPN. You just need to use another country’s server to watch the restricted videos.

You can use a free vpn on your smartphone. You can download the free vpn app on the appstore or playstore. After installing the app, then open it. You can choose a server from the US country. Once your VPN is on, go to youtube and reload the page. The video will appear on your screen.

You can try free vpn on

Now, you can watch the video without being restricted by the network administrator. Make sure your VPN is always on to watch the video. Usually, free VPNs only last for 10 minutes. When it’s off, you have to go into the app to turn it back on. Hope this helps you. Have a nice day!