The wireless customer is not available instead of voicemail

How to solve the notification “the wireless customer is not available instead of voicemail” is important for those who experience this problem. For subscribers of wireless communication services, it is very confusing when this notification appears.

The wireless customer is not available instead of voicemail

When someone may have to do activities so that they can’t pick up the phone for some time, then of course there is a need for a voice mail service. However, what happened instead was that it could not be activated and a notification appeared that the subscriber was not available on the voice mail service.

What Does “The Wireless Customer is Not Svailable” Mean?

If you try to contact someone and then a notification appears in the form of the message the wireless customer is not available instead of voicemail, then this means that the recipient you are trying to contact cannot be called or is available to receive calls.

Why does “the wireless customer is not available” appear? the causes range from problems with the cellular operator provider or bugs in the cellphone software that cause messages to not be sent. You can read the next review to understand how you can still message them, even if they have blocked calls for you.

How To Cope With The Wireless Customer Is Not Available Instead of  Voicemail?

When you try to contact someone, of course expect them to pick up. However, what happened instead was the notification message. Actually what the message means is that the cellular service used cannot reach the person being contacted.

This can happen if the recipient of the call is in an area that the cellular operator’s signal cannot reach. However, if it turns out that you believe you are in an area with a good signal, then there is a possibility that the recipient has blocked the call or it could be that the cellphone is dead.

Then, how to solve it? Take it easy, because there are several ways that can be tried and done to overcome this problem. Basically, there are other alternatives that can be used to send messages to them. Check them down below!

Sending Short Messages

The simplest way to overcome “the wireless customer is not available” is to send a short message first. For example with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram direct messages, and others. Inform him that you want to contact by GSM phone.

Checking If Blocking Each Other

If a notification message appears as discussed above, then check if you block each other’s cellphone numbers? If so, then open the block first.

The trick is to access the call settings menu, then look for the blocked number. Open access to the number if it is the person you want to call.

Reinsert SIM Card

Try to re-insert the sim card if the above efforts have not worked. There is also the possibility of problems with the mobile device, so there is no harm in rebooting or turning it off again.

Using Verizon’s Messaging Service

If you are a Verizon customer, you can set up a messaging service to send it online. If it’s been done and a notification “Message Not Sent: Invalid Destination Address” appears. Then, try to make sure there is credit or credit available. If you are sure it already exists, then you can try again.

The notification “the wireless customer is not available instead of voicemail” does indicate there are many things that cause it. With the methods above, it is hoped that you can keep in touch with the intended person.