Samsung S21 moisture detected won’t go away | 6 Solutions

Moisture detected Samsung error is a security message on the Samsung S21. If it appears, the message indicates the Phone is in an excessively humid state. This is a problem that often occurs in Samsung phone. In fact, it has thousands of searches on google every month.

How to Solve Samsung S21 Moisture Detected Won’t Go Away

Samsung s21 moisture detected won't go away 6 Solutions

What if the message Samsung S21 moisture detected won’t go away keeps appearing and interrupting you? If this is the case, then a detection error has occurred. Supposedly, a dry Samsung S21 does not display this message.

The persistent moisture message issue will prevent the battery from recharging. The problem will not solve itself, the solution must be found soon. Here are 6 solutions to solve the problem of moisture icon keeps appearing when charging on Samsung S21:

Dry and Clean your Samsung S21

To make sure the Samsung S21 is completely dry, turn it off and clean the cellphone with a dry cloth. Pay attention to the charging port and wipe it dry. If necessary, use a blower to remove any remaining water in the area. Store the cellphone in a place that is not humid to dry it.

Clear the USB Cache

If the previous method doesn’t work and the cellphone is actually completely dry, clean the USB data cache on the cellphone. The goal is to get rid of the watermark icon that appears when charging is done. Here’s how to clear the USB cache on a Samsung S21 cellphone.

• Open Settings.

• Then, select the Apps menu.

• Tap the Filter and Sort icon.

• There, enable the Show system apps option.

• Swipe down and select USB Settings.

• Tap Storage.

• Tap the Clear Cache option.

Turn off the Fast Charging Feature

The next solution for Samsung S21 moisture detected won’t go away is to turn off the fast charging feature. Fast charging allows cellphones to be recharged at high voltages. Turning off this feature makes the cellphone charged at low power in the hope that the problem can be eliminated.

• Open Settings.

• Then, select Battery and device care.

• Tap Battery.

• Swipe down and select More battery settings.

• In the Charging menu, turn off Fast Charging, Super fast charging, and Fast wireless charging.

Sign Out Samsung Account

The trick that can be used to solve the problem of the humidity icon keeps appearing is to sign out and then sign in to a Samsung account. The trick to enter and exit a Samsung account on some users turned out to be able to solve the problem. This trick is easy and can be tested its efficacy.

• Open Settings.

• Tap the Samsung account name at the top.

• Then, scroll down and select Sign Out.

• Tap Sign Out again.

• Type the account password for identity verification.

• Now, go back to Settings.

• Tap Samsung account.

• Log back in with your previous Samsung account.

Enter Safe Mode

Android safe mode or safe mode usually provides many solutions to various problems that arise in the system. When logged in there, it will boot up. The goal is to annul and solve problems that arise in the system. Here is how to boot Samsung S21 via safe mode.

• Press and hold the Power button until it enters the Power menu.

• Press and hold the Power Off icon.

• Tap Safe Mode to enter it.

• There, try charging.

Charge the Phone in Other Ways

Try charging in a way other than using the charging cable as usual. Charging can be done by connecting the Samsung S21 to a PC/laptop via a USB cable. In addition, charging the Samsung S21 can also be done via wireless charger technology.

The problem with Samsung S21 moisture detected won’t go away can also be caused by damage to the sensor component. If it has been hit by hardware, then repair or replacement must be done. All the solutions to the Samsung S21 moisture problem above can be applied to other Samsung cellphone models.