Pepperup Potion: Creator, Ingredients, Side Effects, and More

What is pepperup potion

Pepperup Potion is well known as a magical potion to cure the cold and flu existing in wizards and witches during their late childhood. This potion became so popular among the witches and wizards since the 18th century.

It was used by Molly Weasley for curing her family members. According to JK Rowling, “Mrs Weasley had caught a bad case of flu, which she passed on to Ron, who was supposed to be copying notes for Harry.” This shows how it does its job by curing the flu.

Pepperup Potion


Pepperup potion creator

Pepperup potion on harry potter invented by hagrid, it can cure colds and flues. Recipe for this potion is a closely guarded secret of the half-giant. But, I found a way to create a pepperup potion that is very similar to the original version that will certainly help you if you have caught cold or flu.


Pepperup potion ingredients

The main ingredient of Pepperup Potion is ginger extract which helps relieving swelling, toothache, nausea etc. Ingredients: 3 parts water 1 bitter tea spoon ginger 1 spoon honey 1 peppercorns 10 cents of Pepperup potion.


Pepperup potion side effect

The Pepper-Up Potion (or “revigorating potion”) was a potion which presumably acts to physically invigorate or awaken the drinker. It was described as appearing to be boiling hot when prepared, but it is likely that the heat will vanish after ingestion, as was the case with most wizarding potions. It had a pinkish colour.


How to make pepperup potion

The appearance of this potion is clear with a tinge of red. It can be brewed by adding 3 measures of pounded peppermint, 2 rat spleens and asphodel root to an infusion if dried spleen of a freshly-slaughtered horned toad and a sprinkle of dried asphodel.

Instructions: Pepper 1/4 cup water and place it over heat up to boiling. Add tea, ginger, pepper, and bring it back to a boil for about 3 minutes. Strain the mixture into a mug through a tea strainer or cheesecloth . Add honey and the remaining water.