iTunes is waiting for windows update to install the driver for this iPhone

One of the problems that many iPhone and Windows users report is the iTunes driver not being installed. iTunes is waiting for Windows update to install the driver for this iPhone is the full error message. Such problems generally appear when Windows updates are performed.

How to Fix iTunes is Waiting for Windows Update to Install the Driver for This iPhone

Under normal circumstances, an iPhone connected to Windows will trigger the installation of the necessary drivers, firmware and programs for the device to work properly there. The problem with iTunes waiting for Windows updates can cause iTunes and iPhone to work on Windows.

Here are the 6 best solutions that can make the iTunes problem disappear:

Reconnect iPhone to iTunes

The first trick you can try to deal with the iTunes issue waiting for Windows update to install drivers is to reconnect your iPhone to iTunes. Unplug the USB cable that connects iPhone to Windows. Connect again and check if the problem is solved.

Update The Windows Manually

An out-of-date version of Windows can cause this problem to appear. Windows should update itself. Otherwise, manual Windows update can be done to solve the problem.

1. Click the magnifying glass or Search icon on the Windows Taskbar.

2. Then, type Windows Update and click Windows Update Settings.

3. Click Check for Updates to find available updates.

4. If available, immediately Update Windows.

Reinstall Your iTunes

The source of the problem could be the iTunes app itself. If the drivers and updates have been done but to no avail, it’s time to restart the application again. Uninstall iTunes and clean up the junk files. Then, reinstall it. If so, double check whether the problem is gone or not.

Update Your iTunes

If updating Windows doesn’t work, the next solution is to update iTunes. Just like Windows, an out-of-date version of iTunes can cause problems to appear. Immediately do an iTunes update to fix it.

• Open the iTunes application.

• Look at the Menu Bar and click Help.

• Select Check for Updates.

• If an update is available, an iTunes Update will be performed immediately.

Turn off Antivirus

The iTunes is waiting for Windows update to install the driver for this iPhone problem can be caused by an antivirus application installed on the computer conflicting with iTunes. Apart from antivirus, there may be other applications causing this. To solve this problem the antivirus must be turned off.

Reinstall & Update The iPhone Drivers

Windows and iTunes updates that fail to resolve the issue will make you have to resort to the next solution. Reinstalling and updating iPhone drivers may have to be done soon. Reinstalls and updates are done so that the iPhone and what it has can run smoothly on Windows.

Follow these steps to reinstall and update iPhone drivers in Device Manager:

1. Open Device Manager.

2. Find the Portable Devices category and click on it.

3. Apple iPhone devices will be detected there.

4. Right click and select Uninstall Device.

5. Then, Restart Windows.

6. Reopen Device Manager – Portable Devices – Apple iPhone.

7. Right click and select Update Driver.

8. Under Update Drivers – Apple iPhone, click Search automatically for updated driver software.

9. After the update is complete, disconnect iPhone to PC.

10. Reconnect to see if the problem is resolved.

Hopefully all the available solutions can solve the problem iTunes is waiting for Windows update to install the driver for this iPhone soon. What if all the solutions don’t work? iOS system recovery apps and the like might solve the problem.