Is SCP Real? Or It Is Just a Video Game? Detail Explanation

is scp real or game

What is scp?

SCP is a video game of unknown origin. The disk itself is black, with no markings on it other than a white label with SCP-XXXX written on it in thick red marker. The art style of the games graphics make it appear to be made for an early 2000’s console or computer.


Types of SCP

When played, there is only one level which the player must attempt to move a small red square across a background that consists of colorful repeating shapes and lines. Every few moments, various images flash on the screen in quick succession, such as:

– A cow’s face, with its eyes removed.

– A child that appears to be drowning.

– The words “He’s coming for you.” written in what looks like blood red paint across the screen.


Is scp real or a game?

SCP is an acronym for “Secure Contain Protect“. It seems like this game is alluding to the fact that SCP is some sort of real life entity. A lot of the imagery in the game is taken directly from official SCP Foundation material, so it definitely has some roots there. Whether SCP exists in real life or not is ultimately for you to decide.


How do i terminate SCP-XXXX?

You don’t, unfortunately. The game simply ends when the timer runs out. It’s possible that this is an easter egg, however – many of the SCPs in the Foundation are unkillable too. There are so many scp like scp 999, scp 106, scp 096, and others. There’s no conclusive proof here one way or the other.



Is scp 999 real?

Scp 999 is an indeterminate object, that was moved to site 26 by O5 command. The only information given to the foundation about scp 999 is inside document 999-T (document 1).

The first thing you notice when looking at document 999-T is that it’s highly incomplete and corroded. The only legible part of the article is “scp 999”.

Document 999-T also contains a SCP designation made out of a unknown material, which has been marked with a * as it’s not possible to know what the full SCP number would be.

The picture shows an old man in a red suit holding up his hands as though if he’s holding a ball.

The SCP object 999-T refers to has never been described, although the picture included in document 999-T appears to show an early design of what would later become SCP-286.


Is scp 106 real?

In the video it looks like a girl and its neck moves (something scp 173 and other do not) and she can move by herself. Well, this one’s easy to answer – No, SCP-106 is not real. It’s an object that was created for the purposes of the SCP Foundation website, much like everything else on it is.

As to why SCP-173 doesn’t move when being viewed? There’s a few theories on that one – One is that someone viewing it will become so engrossed in the object that they simply cannot look away. And another is that when someone sees it move, their mind fills in what they want to see instead of the truth.

Either way, both SCP-173 and 106 are fictional objects created for a website. They’re pure fantasy and aren’t real in the slightest.