Is alluka trans? How could this happen?

Alluka may be possessed by the scary creature Nanika, but she’s also a total sweetheart. Here are five reasons she’s Hunter x Hunter’s Best Girl. From my time studying Japanese, I can safely say the Alluka might be a girl. You see, Killua’s family doesnt consider Alluka or Nanika as family. Which might just mean that she was never born from her mother. Alluka herself says that she is a female, so does Killua.

Is Alluka trans or not?

Im assuming, that Killua’s family considers Alluka as a inhuman entity, so when they say “he/him” they might just be saying “it” since there is no word in the Japanese language that means the same as the English word “it”.

Alluka is a girl. Killua said so himself and if Killua confirmed it why are people still questioning it? When he brought Canary along with him and Gotoh asked him why he said ‘Moron, Alluka is a girl. I cant trust a lump like you to take care of her.

The anime/manga explicitly states that Kikyo and Silva Zoldyck did not give birth to any daughters.

With that being said Alluka is basically the anime character equivalent of a transgender person. She was born and still has the physicality of a male however she considers herself a girl.

Alluka dresses as one would expect a girl to dress and has her brother Killua address her as his imouto or little sister though none of the other Zoldycks seem to address her as such.

So to put it simply the answer to the question is, Alluka is a female.

How could alluka become transgender?

Characters who are trans women or who are coded as so are not exceedingly rare in shōnen, they just aren’t usually very… nice portrayals, to say the least. Thankfully though, Hunter x Hunter is in a lot of ways not a typical shōnen, and Alluka is far from what you typically see in characters like her.

For one, she’s a very young child, only 11 in the main events of the story. Two, she’s never sexualized, not even a little bit. And three, though her identity isn’t unanimously respected, it’s never called into question and the person who loves her most, her brother Killua, fully sees her as a girl.


Alluka was created as a gender-ambiguous character (a recurring theme in most series such as Hange Zoe from Attack on Titan). Notable theories are proving that Alluka is a girl. However, some fans have speculations of the opposite gender that also make sense.