Is Alluka a Girl? Explanation hunter x hunter


Alluka zoldyck (anime hunter x hunter)

Alluka zoldyck is a young girl who can perform miracles and works for her family business, mafia. Her older brother kurapika was tasked to protect her from assassins sent by his enemies because she could grant any wishes and those assassins wanted to kill her. Alluka’s nickname is Nanika and her real name is unknown.


Alluka and Nanika

Alluka and Nanika are a pair of NPCs that serve as the supporting characters for Killua Zoldyck in the video game Hunter x Hunter: Wonder Adventure, which was released on Android and iOS devices. In addition to being the potential love interests for Killua, Alluka is also given character traits as a girl who can grant wishes, while Nanika is given the ability to use “magic”, which is said to be dangerous.

Upon being introduced, Alluka’s character appears as a smiling girl with pink hair and pigtails who wears a frilly dress. She also carries around her teddy bear, simply named “Teddy”.


Is alluka boy or girl?

The next question you might have is whether Alluka is male or female. Official sources on the matter are conflicting at best, so you’ll have to make up your own mind about it, but I’d like to offer an explanation of why most people tend to assume Alluka is a boy.

Keep in mind that the following is my opinion, not gospel truth. First of all, the first time we see Alluka is shortly after Nanika heals Gon’s injuries from his battle with Gido and Bara.

At this point in the series, Gon has already spent a significant amount of time traveling with Killua and his other friend Leorio (and the narrative treats them as fairly close friends), but he’s never mentioned any prior friendships with girls.

So, the fact that Alluka is introduced out of seemingly nowhere as Gon’s little sister, combined with her revealing clothing and short hair (which may or may not be due to the recent battle) makes it fairly easy to assume she is a boy.


Alluka rules

1. No using Alluka’s name in vain or without honorifics

2. Don’t talk about things you can’t understand just because they’re related to Alluka (e.g. how the wish-granting works, wishes that can be granted)

3. Don’t call Alluka a weapon or tool. She’s not an object.

4. Don’t try to break the fourth wall with Alluka (e.g. making references to outside series, saying she’ll grant your wish.) It doesn’t work anyway so it’s pointless

5. Don’t threaten Alluka or her family. She’s not your object.

6. No sexualizing Alluka (e.g asking for nsfw art/fanfic, etc)

7. If you must draw Alluka and Killua together romantically then please don’t include other characters (e.g Leorio). It’s just creepy

8. No disturbing art of Alluka, especially ones with blood or violence

9. Stay respectful to your fellow fanartists and other users in the comments section


Alluka power

He can heal, restore to life, grant wishes. But, is Alluka really the Ally of Justice? The story begins with a murder. A family living in poverty loses its patriarch, and his death leaves his four children (Alluka included) at the mercy of their abusive mother. While she washes her hands of them they make a pact: they will protect one another.

In a world where wishes can come true, this story is about those who wish upon stars and dream of dragons and what it means to be alive. It’s about how we lie to survive and the choices we make for our own selfish reasons, and how even if you can’t see them – every action has consequences. See more.


Alluka x Killua

a/n: this is a “sweep it under the rug, everything’s fine” AU post Greed Island. spoilers up to chapter 347 contains alluka and killua.

She smiles when he walks in the door, waves him over to kneel next to her so she can force more cookies on him than he should eat at one time. She’s so happy he’s come back, and she can’t stop herself from touching his face, even though something about the way her fingers catch on the scars makes him flinch away.

“It’s okay,” she murmurs soothingly, because it’s been months since last time but that doesn’t matter. “I’m just so glad you’re safe.”

He flinches again. “I’m sorry,” he whispers back, and he means it this time because she’s crying, and normally – even with his twin – there are rules about not hurting a girl. He doesn’t know what happened to make him forget that one last time.

She sighs, but smiles anyway as she wipes her face. “I know,” she says patiently, not pushing him to explain, but he can see a little bit of concern in the way she’s watching him.

“You’re going to make yourself sick,” he points out when he realizes she’s shoving another cookie in his mouth before standing up and going back to the stove.


Alluka vs Meruem

I believe Alluka is stronger than Meruem, however, I also believe that for this battle to happen Meruem would need to be significantly weaker. There are several reasons why I think this way:

First of all Alluka has shown us more of her power in the series. She granted her wish 3 times (5 if you can Grant your own wish), each time only to save someone who was in extreme danger. It is clear that she does not want to use her wish granting power at all.

That being said she has shown us what kind of an impact it has when she uses it, especially against Nanika (if you don’t know what I’m talking about rewatch the Chimera Ant arc, it’s not THAT hard).

This is where the second reason comes in. Everyone who has gotten in contact with Alluka has either gotten seriously injured or died (with the exception of Nanika and Silva).


Is alluka transgender?

Hirohiko Araki has created art of Alluka as both a boy and girl.

Alluka was given masculine attributes then feminine traits. Neferpitou is the only character that knows of her true gender.

There are multiple fan theories of Alluka being male, female or nonbinary transgender. The characters who have been made aware of Alluka’s true gender have been shown to be supportive and accepting.

Whether Alluka is a cis-girl, trans-boy or nonbinary transgender individual can be up to interpretation. It’s also possible that there’s a twist coming in regards to their gender. While the manga only confirms that Neferpitou knows of Alluka’s true gender, Hirohiko Araki has drawn her both as a boy and girl.


Alluka zoldyck trans

Alluka zoldyck is a fictional character in the manga (and anime) hunter x hunter. I was recently perusing tumblr and found someone who said that “alluka” is actually trans or genderfluid. They don’t identify as male or female but instead fluctuate between the two sexes.

This reminded me of alluka’s ability to wish for whatever she wants, which is usually what the people around her want as well. This made me think that perhaps alluka is not just genderfluid, but actually transgender.



Is alluka a man?

I feel like alluka is a man, also I feel like how kiibo was treated in his canon was very similar to how alluka is being treated right now. This leads me to believe that there is some implication of them both being trans and/or nonbinary.

Even if it wasn’t intentional on the part of the mangaka, It can be seen that way. i believe if this was received positively by the fans then alluka would have been confirmed to be nonbinary/trans in some other chapter.

This is also coming off the fact that alluka’s theme song sounds almost exactly like a japanese trans anthem . There are certain parts of the song that have a lot of power to them that I believe resonates with the trans community.


Why does illumi want to kill alluka

When Beyond was in the prime minister’s office, he says to Ging that they’ve been chasing after Chrollo for attempting to steal their Nen beast and when they find him, he’ll have to fight them. He didn’t say there were rules against killing so it seems Illumi is an assassin.

It’s possible that Illumi wants to kill Alluka for being/representing a threat to his brother. It’s also possible that Tsubone and Amane were the ones who told him that Alluka has a dangerous ability, or he just knew about it through his Nen abilities (since Illumi is very intelligent, I wouldn’t put it past him).

Apart from wanting to kill Alluka for being a threat to Killua, it’s possible that Illumi wants to kill Alluka because he (Illumi) doesn’t want anyone else (read: Amane and Tsubone) getting close to Killua. He would want to get rid of Alluka because she is the only one that can control Killua.


How powerful is alluka on hunter x hunter

Some people say she is as strong as an entire country. Some say, she could take out a small city with ease. Still others claim that her power encompasses the entire planet, and many still even go so far to call her a god. Her name is Alluka Zoldyck, and this is her story.

Alluka’s power comes from “the innocence within” her. Unlike Nanika, Alluka can not control this power. It acts based on peoples’ wishes, subconsciously activating when the request is close to Alluka’s heart. The larger the wish that someone makes, the greater its effects are.

Nanika’s power is limited by the conditions it sets, so Alluka’s power should be much more consistent. It can do almost anything depending on what her ‘client’ wants, even resurrecting the dead.