How to set up voicemail on Samsung Galaxy a51


Setting up voicemail on the Samsung Galaxy A51 is much sought after by the owner of this cellphone. Voicemail is a feature that often needs to be activated. The reason is because we are busy, the cellphone is off, the voice is not clear when the phone or other things we often can’t pick up incoming calls.

Using voicemail, you can still communicate by telling the caller to leave a message. However, many do not know how to activate this feature, especially the owners of the Samsung Galaxy A51.

What is a Voicemail ?

Voicemail is a standard feature included with many cordless phone plans. This voicemail is a recording that the caller leaves for you if you can’t pick up.

Although there is this feature, many smartphone owners, for example on Samsung, don’t understand how to set it up. For business people and professionals who are quite busy, activating voicemail is often the right choice. Therefore, in today’s review, we will tell you how to set up voicemail on the Samsung Galaxy A51.

How to Set up Voicemail on Samsung Galaxy A51

This samsung active conditional call forwarding is indeed available on the Samsung galaxy A51 smartphone. The ways to set it up, you can follow the following:

1. First of all, you have to first activate the Samsung Galaxy A51 and then tap on the call icon.

2. Next, click on the 3 dots on the right.

3. Next, select settings and select voicemail.

4. Next, tap silent and then press on the blue button on the right to show it as a pop up. This works to mute voicemail notifications.

5. To activate it, you can select the alert and tap the white switcher on the words show as pop up.

6. The last step, scroll down and then select lockscreen.

7.  Then, you can choose the best option starting from show content, hide content, or do not show notification.

8. So, you have successfully made the settings to activate this voicemail.

Advantages of Using Voicemail

By using interesting features such as voice mail, there are several advantages that can be felt such as:

1. To Hold Voice Messages

Using voicemail, you can accommodate both unheard and heard voice messages and their maximum duration. So, can listen to this voicemail anytime when needed.

2. Forward Incoming Calls

Another advantage of using voicemail is to divert incoming calls. If we are receiving a call and then another call comes in and cannot be picked up at the same time, then we can use call forwarding so that the call can leave a message in the voice mailbox.

3. Save Messages When Your Phone is Off

When your cellphone is off or there is no signal, eventually all incoming calls will not be able to be answered. Therefore, to still be able to save the caller’s message, you can take advantage of this voice mail service.

From the system will store and provide information to the user that he received a voice message and will be accompanied by instructions how to play it.

Voice Mailbox Codes on Various Cellular Operators

The command code to set voicemail on the Samsung Galaxy A51 or this mailbox on each cellular operator is different. Here is the list:

• Verizon operators can activate it with the command *86

• T-Mobile can activate it by pressing & hold 1

The codes above can indeed be updated and to be sure, you can directly access their respective official websites.

Ways to set up voicemail on the Samsung Galaxy A51 above you can easily apply. Furthermore, if you experience problems, you can repeat the process again and make sure the step by step is done correctly. Hopefully these tips will work very well on your Samsung Galaxy A51.