How to reset the filter light on a Samsung fridge

Resetting the Samsung refrigerator filter light is much sought after by those who have this type of brand refrigerator and experience problems so they have to reset. In modern times, you will indeed find various technologies in electronic products. Including, a refrigerator in which there are so many features embedded.

The Samsung brand refrigerator is indeed present and brings many changes to pamper its users. In fact, some types already have a digital inverter feature with an LED operational panel.

2 Ways to Reset Samsung Refrigerator Filter Lights Easily & Safely

In its use, sometimes there are errors that cause malfunctions in this Samsung brand refrigerator. If so, the unit will automatically experience certain problems and require a reset.

How to reset the filter light on a Samsung fridge

It could be because of its old age, operational errors, or other technical factors. If you have experienced it, of course you need help on how to safely reset the Samsung refrigerator filter light. Therefore, on this occasion, we will explain how to do it.

How to Reset 1 Door Samsung Refrigerator Filter Light

The Samsung brand refrigerator with a 1-door model is indeed an entry-level product that has few features. Therefore, it is quite rare to experience problems even though it is routinely used every day.

But indeed in certain conditions, the refrigerator may show abnormal activity. On the one hand, new users may be confused about how to deal with it. Don’t worry, here’s how to reset the Samsung refrigerator filter light if needed:

1. Make sure the refrigerator is operating.

2. Set the refrigerator temperature setting to the minimum.

3. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and let the ice melt completely.

4. Empty the refrigerator of food and drink.

5. If so, reconnect the power cable to a power source.

6. Set the refrigerator temperature to medium.

7. Allow approximately 1 hour for the sensor to adjust and reinsert food and drink.

Do you have a 2-door refrigerator? If yes, you can follow the guide below.

How to Reset Samsung 2 Door Refrigerator

If you have a Samsung 2 door refrigerator and it requires a reset, then there is a separate method. It becomes very important to repair the unit so that it returns to normal and the following will explain how to reset the Samsung filter:

a. Disable Child Lock

On the Samsung digital inverter refrigerator, there are several setting buttons that you can adjust, one of which is disable child lock. The method is as follows:

• Make sure the refrigerator is still on and press the bridge and vacation buttons at the same time.

• Then, the child lock feature will turn off.

• Watch until the lock icon no longer appears on the screen. Each type of Samsung refrigerator uses a different setting method.

b. Reset the Refrigerator

To fix this, you can practice how to reset this Samsung refrigerator. Follow the steps below!

• Make sure the child lock feature is disabled.

• Then, press the bridge and freeze button at the same time.

• Press and hold so that the icons on the screen do not light up.

• When everything is off, release the two buttons.

• Press and hold the freeze and bridge buttons again simultaneously.

• Then the icon indicator will light up again on the panel.

• So, the process of resetting the filter lamp on the Samsung refrigerator has been successfully carried out.

By resetting the Samsung refrigerator filter light, the problem you are experiencing should be resolved. If you still have problems, you can repeat the process again. If that doesn’t work, you can find the nearest service center location so that your refrigerator returns to normal.

Hope these tricks work very well on your fridge. Have a good day!