How to recover facebook account without phone number and email and password

There are two things you need to log into your facebook account. Email or phone number & password. You must have the above two pieces of information to log into your account. What if they weren’t all there?

Can I recover my account without email, phone number & password? We have one solution that you can try. You can read it below.

Can i recover my account without number, email & password?

There is only one way you can try. You need to contact facebook to help you recover your account. They are the only way to recover accounts without phone number, email and password.

Anyone can contact facebook support. You don’t need to contact them via email. You can directly send messages to them via the facebook app. The thing you need to do before inbox facebook support is to create a new facebook account.

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You can also ask your friends for help to inbox facebook through their account. We will provide a more detailed guide below. We hope this will help you recover your account. Good luck!

How to recover facebook account without phone number, email & password

The only way that can help you is facebook support. You need to inbox them to ask for their help. Before you can inbox them, you must have a facebook account. Follow the steps below to ask facebook for help.

1. First, create a new facebook account using a new email.

2. You can also borrow your friend’s or family’s facebook account.

3. Log in to the account.

4. Go to profiles.

5. Tap “help & support.”

6. Choose “support inbox.”

7. Send your problem to facebook.

8. Wait a while until they respond to you.

9. Once you receive their email, you just need to follow the instructions they provide.

You need to wait until your email is replied. Maybe it will take a few days. If you send a message on a weekday, usually they will respond to you faster.

Will Facebook recover your account immediately?

We cannot guarantee that they will always recover your account. Some people were able to get their account back. Some of the rest had to forget their old account and create a new one. We don’t know for sure why this happened.

If you can’t recover your account, you can create a new account. You can start your account from scratch. You can see your friends’ accounts through your old account. This you will need to add them as friends in your new account.

If you have created a new account, we recommend saving your email. The most important thing about an account is email. Lost passwords and phone numbers won’t be a problem. As long as you still have your email, your account can still be recovered.

Why is email so important to recover your Facebook account?

The email will be used to receive the verification code. This is the code you need for your account recovery. If you don’t get this, you can’t recover your account. The only way is to contact facebook support. They also will not necessarily recover your facebook account. There are many reasons why they do this.

If you still have access to your email, this shouldn’t be a problem. Email is different from phone number. Phone number has an active period.

If you never use the phone number, then your phone number will die. If this happens, you will not be able to see the verification code you need to log in.

Unlike email, it will stay active forever even if you don’t use it. You should take care of your email. This will be the key to recover your facebook account. Lost passwords and phone numbers won’t be a problem if you still have your email.