How to hide apps on iphone family sharing

Are you trying to hide apps on Iphone from family sharing? We have some tricks you can try to hide them. You don’t need to jailbreak your Iphone. It only uses the screen time feature on your Iphone. Read the guide down below!

How to hide apps on Iphone family sharing

We strive to make this guide as easy as possible. We hope it works on your Iphone. Do this step by step.

1. Grab your Iphone and turn it on.

2. Decide which apps you want to hide from Iphone family sharing.

3. Now, go to “Settings.”

4. Then go to “Screen time.”

5. Hit “Content & privacy restrictions.”

6. Tap on “Allowed apps.”

7. Here, you will see a list of all installed apps on your iPhone.

8. Turn off the toggle next to the app name, this will make the app hidden.

9. When you are done turning off the toggle, tap back.

10. Now, you can go to the home screen to see the result.

NOTE: All apps that you hide via the tima screen you will no longer find on your Iphone. They really seem to have been erased from your Iphone. If you want to access them you have to go to settings to unhide them.

How to unhide hidden apps on Iphone from family sharing

There is no other way to access your apps other than unhide them first. Screen time will make your apps disappear like they have been uninstalled from your iPhone. To unhide them you just need to follow the guide above.

After that, you just need to turn on the toggle on the apps you want to unhide. This will make them reappear on your Iphone. Now, you can go to the home screen to open the app.

If you have trouble finding the app, you can use the search bar to find it. This is common because they can appear anywhere on the home screen. You will have a little trouble if you search for this manually.

Note: Make sure after you are done using the app you hide them as before. If you don’t do this, they can be found through family sharing.

Advantages of hiding apps with screen time

This trick will make your apps hidden completely. In addition, you can also choose certain apps that you want to hide from family sharing. This is the most perfect way to hide apps on Iphone.

Screen time is the best solution to hide your apps. This will make them look like they have been deleted from your iOS. This is an advantage that other tricks do not have.

Alternative to hide apps on Iphone family sharing

We try to provide an alternative for you. If our trick above doesn’t work, you can try an alternative to hide apps from family sharing. This trick is almost the same as our trick above. The difference is using the age restrictions feature on your iPhone.

This will disable some apps on your iPhone according to the age restrictions you choose. After the apps are disabled they will stop showing on your iPhone. You can’t find them anywhere even if you search for them via the search bar.

This is the only alternative to hide apps from family sharing. If you are interested in trying this out, you can go to hiding apps on Iphone using age restriction steps. We hope this will solve your problem. Have a good day!