How to hide apps on iPhone 6 Plus

There are many tricks to hide stuff on Iphone 6 plus including apps. You came to the right website. We always cover the topic of how to ring something on Iphone.

In this post, we will provide a tutorial on hiding apps on the iPhone 6 plus. We have made the easiest trick to hide apps on your iPhone 6 plus. This has been tested to work well on the Iphone 6 plus.

How to hide apps on iphone 6 plus easily without jailbreak

Follow this tutorial to hide your apps on Iphone 6 plus home screen. You don’t need to go into settings to do this trick.

1. Turn on the screen of your Iphone 6 plus then go to the home screen.

2. Select an app that you want to hide from the Iphone 6 plus home screen.

3. Using this trick you have to hide your apps one by one.

4. Go to the app then tap it.

5. Hold down until your iPhone 6 plus vibrates then slide it over to another app on your home screen.

6. You can put it above any app, this is just to create a new folder on your Iphone.

7. After your new folder appears, go into the folder and drag the hidden app to page 2 of the folder.

8. This is so that the app is not visible from the Iphone 6 plus home screen.

9. Repeat the steps above to hide your other apps.

10. You can also create multiple folders to hide them.

Note: You should give a name to the folder you just created. This will make your app camouflage better.

How to hide apps on iPhone 6 Plus completely

There are two ways to hide your apps completely from your Iphone 6 plus. These two tricks will make your app completely disappear from your iPhone. You won’t find it even if you search for it using the search bar. You can try any trick you like.

1. Using “allowed apps” setting.

2. Using “age resctrictions”.

If you hide apps using the trick above you will be a little bothered to open the hidden apps. You have to go to settings to unhide them before you can access them.

Why should you use folders to hide apps

Actually, there are many tricks you can do to hide apps on your iPhone 6 plus. We give this trick to you based on a number of considerations. Check it out down below!

1. This trick works well on almost all types of IOS on Iphone 6.

2. You don’t need any third party app even you don’t need to go to settings.

3. All apps that you hide can still be found via the search bar or app library.

4. Using this trick you can hide any app you want.

5. You can even hide default apps using folders on your Iphone 6 plus.

Another trick to hide your apps on Iphone 6 plus

We also give you other tricks to hide apps on Iphone 6 plus. You can try any trick you want.

Visit: 10 Tricks to hide apps on iPhone easily wihtout 3rd party app.

You need to know that not all iPhones have the same IOS. Some of the tricks above may not work well on the iPhone 6 plus that you are using. This is because each IOS has different features.

However, there is nothing wrong with trying the tricks above. Hope they work well with IOS on your Iphone 6 plus.