How to hide apps on iPhone 13

Hiding apps on the iPhone is a trick that not many people know about. You will find various tricks on the internet to hide apps on iPhone 13. You visited the right website. We will give you the best tricks to hide your apps.

You don’t need to download any app to do this. Below we will explain everything for you.

Things you need to know to before hiding apps on iPhone 13

Before you start you need to know what are the advantages if you use this trick. We will tell you all why you should use this trick.

1. This trick is the easiest way to hide apps on Iphone 13. You will only do it through the home screen on your Iphone.

2. You don’t need to download any app to do this trick.

3. You can still easily open the apps even though they are all hidden.

Until now, this trick is the best trick you can do to hide apps. You can follow the simple guide below to do it.

How to hide apps on iphone 13 without any pc or app

We will provide a short guide to hide your apps. Hope this helps you.

1. Turn on the screen of your Iphone 13.

2. Determine which apps you want to hide from your iPhone 13 home screen.

3. On the home screen, press and hold the home screen for a few seconds.

4. A pop up will automatically appear on your screen.

5. Tap “Remove app.”

6. A new pop up will appear on your screen.

7. Select “Remove App to Library.” This will move the app from the homescreen to your iPhone 13’s app library.

8. The apps will automatically disappear from your Iphone 13 home screen.

9. Repeat the steps above to hide your other apps.

10. This trick has several drawbacks, please read the solution below.

NOTE: If this short guide is not easy to understand, you can go here. We provide a long guide on how to do this trick in detail. Hope this helps you.


This method will only hide apps from your iPhone home screen. If anyone really wants to know what’s inside your iPhone, they’ll find it in the app library.

We will provide some solutions to overcome this. Please read the alternatives to hide apps below.

The best alternatives to hide apps on your Iphone 13

You need to know that each trick has its own drawbacks. Before you do your trick you should learn it first. Here we provide 2 alternatives so that the apps you hide cannot be found at all.

1. Hide apps on Iphone with passcode.

2. Steps to hide apps on Iphone via settings.

The two methods above will make the apps that you hide cannot be found in the app library. These tricks will make your apps look as if they weren’t actually installed on your iPhone 13.

Risks when you hide apps on Iphone 13

Hiding apps on your Iphone 13 will have a bad impact on you. You won’t be able to find it on your iPhone home screen anymore. It will make you a little irritated if you use the app often.

You’ll need to open the app library to find it before opening it. There is another alternative to keep your app on the homescreen. If you are interested you can read how to hide apps on the iPhone using the calculator shortcut.

How to open hidden apps on your iPhone 13

Maybe you are wondering how I can re-open hidden apps. You just need to go to the app library and you will find it there.

You can also use the search bar at the top of the app library. You need to type in the name of the app you want to find. After that tap search. Now you can open it.


This method is the easiest way to hide your apps on iPhone 13. Although it has its drawbacks, but this trick is the best trick to hide your apps from the home screen. This will make the apps no longer visible on your iPhone 13 home screen.