How to get an app back on your home screen after removing it

Application is a system that resides on your device. There are many apps that you can find on your phone. Every app must have an icon. It usually appears on your home screen. You can even remove the icon without removing the system.

In this post, we will tell you how to get the app icon back to your home screen. There are many people who remove their app but don’t know how to get it back. If this happened to you, you can follow our tutorial.

Why you need to get apps back to your home screen

The main reason why you should return your apps to your home screen is practicality. If you hide your app, it will make it difficult for you to access it. This is why people want to get the apps back to the home screen.

You can get the app back to home screen if you haven’t removed the system. Icons and application systems are 2 different things. If you remove the icon, the system app will not be removed. On the other hand, if you remove the system, the icon will also be removed.

We will tell you how to restore the app icon that you have removed. There are two paths you can choose from. They both work well on android as well as ios. Let’s check this out!

How to get apps back on your home screen after removing it

The first way you can do is through the app library. This is where all your apps are located. Even if you have removed the icon, you can still find them here. Each phone has a different name. On iPhone it is named app library or app drawer.

Follow the steps below to get the app back to your home screen:

1. Turn on your phone and go to the home screen.

2. Go to the app library.

3. Find the app you want to put back on the home screen.

4. Tap & hold the app.

5. The pop up will appear on your screen.

6. Choose “add to home screen.”

7. Now, go to home screen to check the result.

What if the app doesn’t appear on the home screen? If you’ve followed the steps above, your app should be back on the home screen. You may not be careful enough to find them.

If you really don’t find it, you can restart your phone. This will refresh your home screen. This will make the app appear on your home screen.

How to get an app back on your home screen via settings

The second way is to use the setting. You can get the apps back using settings on your phone. We believe all types of phones have a setting feature. To get the apps back that you removed, you can follow the steps below.


1. Go to settings.

2. Choose “apps & notifications.”

3. Tap the launcher that your phone is using.

4. Choose “storage.”

5. Hit “clear cache” & “clear storage.”

6. Let the system load your request, it will take some time.

7. Now, go to the home screen to see the results.

8. If nothing changes, restart your phone to refresh the home screen.

Note: Launcher is a system that manages the appearance of your apps on the home screen. Each launcher will set the display of your home screen with a different style. Every phone always has a launcher. You can use the default launcher or 3rd party launcher.

If you delete the data on your launcher, it will return to the way it was. All application icons that you have removed will return to your home screen.