How to bypass google account on samsung j7 without computer

Forgetting Google account can cause problems when resetting Samsung J7 is successful. FRP (Factory Reset Protection) as a defense mechanism from illegal access will appear. How to bypass a Google account on a Samsung J7 without a computer can be done so that you can access the device again.

Bypassing Google Account on Samsung J7 without Computer

The FRP problem on a reset cellphone doesn’t only happen to the Samsung J7. This problem also occurs on other Samsung cellphone models, including the Samsung J3 and Samsung J5. The solution to this problem involves the Talk Back feature which can later bypass Google accounts.

Bypassing FRP on HP is a process that is neither easy nor short. It takes perseverance and sufficient knowledge to be able to complete this process properly. If you are not confident and feel the process is complex, you should not force yourself to do it.

How to bypass google account on samsung j7 without computer

How to Bypass Google Account without Computer on Samsung J7

The first thing that must be prepared is the availability of an internet connection either via wifi or cellular data. No PC or laptop is required to complete this process. Bypassing the Samsung J7 FRP can be a not easy process to do. Set aside sufficient time to do this.

Here’s How to bypass Google account on Samsung J7 without a computer at all:

1. Make sure the Samsung J7 is connected to the internet network.

2. Press the Home button 3 times or more to enter Talk Back mode.

3. Draw Letter L and enter Talk Back Settings by double tapping.

4. Swipe down using 2 fingers.

5. Go to Help and Feedback.

6. Then, go to About Key Access.

7. A YouTube video will appear.

8. Press the Home button several times to turn off Talk Back.

9. Tap a YouTube video.

10. Wait for the video title to appear.

11. When it appears, click the title of the video.

12. Samsung Internet Browser will appear and select remind later.

You need to acces the Samsung Internet Browser. You can download the tools to bypass google account via the browser. You can follow the steps below to download the tools below.

Download the tools via Samsung Internet Browser

You need to download 2 apps to do the bypass. You can get them for free. There is a website that provide them for free. Follow this guide below!

1. In the Samsung Internet Browser search field, type the blog address

2. There, tap the Three Lines in the top left corner.

3. Go to APK Bypass.

4. On the APK Bypass page, pay attention to the Other Bypass Tool section.

5. Download the Setting Shortcut and VNROM Bypass FRP application.

6. Wait until the download process is successful.

7. When finished, go to Bookmarks.

8. Select History, then select Download History.

9. There, 2 successfully downloaded apps will appear.

10. Install the Settings Shortcut application and grant permission if prompted.

11. Run the application and enter the Settings menu.

12. There, go to Biometrics and Security.

13. Continue to enter Other Security Settings.

14. Finally, go to the Device Admin Application.

15. Turn off the Find My Phone application.

16. Go back and enter the Applications menu.

17. There, turn off the Google Play Store Services app.

Now, you need to install VNROM APK. This guide below will explain it to you.

Installing VNROM Bypass FRP APK

What you need to do now is install the VNROM Bypass FRP APK application. You will need this app to bypass the google account on your samsung j7. Then follow the steps below.

• Reinstall the Settings Shortcut application. Open it, once it’s finished installing.

• In Cloud and Account sign-in settings > Select Account > and Select Add Account > Select Google.

• Enter a new account or an existing account.

• Return to the Applications menu.

• Find and activate the Google Play Store Services app.

• Reboot and restart the HP.

• On the Welcome Screen, set after HP as usual.

• In the verification section, the Google account display has been changed to an added account.

• The FRP bypass was successful.

How to bypass Google account on Samsung J7 without a computer is not easy to do. The VNROM Bypass FRP APK application and Shortcut Settings can be deleted if they are no longer needed. If you are not confident, ask for service and HP repairmen to work on and complete the FRP bypass process.