How are levi and mikasa ackerman related? Best Answer & Explanation

How are levi and mikasa ackerman related on AOT

If you are reading this right now, I guess you want to know how are levi and mikasa related so here it is. First of all levi ackerman was in the military before he become a scout. He follow captain Levi when they were still in the military, back then there where no titans yet just the wild life.

They got a order to go hunt some titans but they didn’t know what was going on or where the titans came from. It wasn’t until captain Levi saw his first titan he knew that it was the cause of all this chaos.

After that incident levi join the scout legion just like captain Levi’s squad which was mostly known as the “cavalry” squad.

Levi wanted to protect his squad and he ended up joining the scout legion to do so, but before he could help anyone or even save anyone Levi spent a lot of time training so that he can be the best soldier he can be.


Does levi and mikasa related?

Mikasa’s father is Dr. Ackerman, a doctor working for the Garrison, and he took Eren in as a patient after his parents were killed by a Titan on an expedition outside Wall Maria. He told Mikasa some time later that Eren was her half brother. It has been confirmed that Eren is not truly related to Ackerman by blood.

Some people think they are half siblings but still think it might be incest… I’m not sure what do you guys think? I don’t think there is anything wrong with that since she was raised as Erens sister.


What is the relationship between mikasa and levi?

There’s no particular setting regarding this, but they’re close.

Both of them are from the Survey Corps, and Levi is Eren’s superior in rank so it can be said that they have a good relationship as co-workers. Also, Mikasa seems to have a strong trust in him.