Hogwarts Mystery Year 6: The Chapters, Tips, and Tricks

hogwart mystery year six
hogwart mystery year 6 chapter 1


Hogwarts Mystery Year 6

Hello Wizards! Another year at Hogwarts has passed but now it is time to go back home for summer holidays. It was an exciting year filled with Quidditch games and now I’m ready to rest.

We all know that our 11th birthday is coming soon. This time there will be no more magic but we have to go through a very important event just before going back home. Our birthday is coming and we must stay in Hogwarts for an entire week!


Hogwarts mystery year six chapter 18

The latest update includes:

– a NEW detective outfit

– a NEW ghost character revealed

– a NEW location that you must investigate


Hogwart mystery year 6 chapter 42

Professor McGonagall stood up from her seat and stood in front of us all. “Now you will get your schedule for next year,” she said, “Please come up to my desk one by one.”

I looked at Rose, I was a bit nervous. I hadn’t been here long and it would be weird to meet new people.

“Albus, Rose and Maddie you can come up first.” Professor McGonagall said. I felt a bit more relaxed as we got up and walked to the front of the room. “Here is your schedule,” she handed us each one. We all three went back to our seats and sat down.


Hogwarts mystery year 6 chapter 19

McGonagall’s O.W.L exam was not at all what she had expected! She thought it would be just like the one she took when she went to Hogwarts, but it wasn’t!

Instead of answering mostly essay questions on her favourite subjects, she had to answer questions like “How would you heal a jelly-legs jinx?” and “What are the properties of moonstone?”.

This chapter starts with Hermione coming into Transfiguration class, late because she was helping Neville find his toad. She told McGonagall about how he’d left out of sheer panic after she said she would see him after class.

McGonagall told Hermione that Neville wasn’t the only student who was having a hard time with O.W.L year and then proceeded to tell everyone in class about how it might feel like they don’t know as much as their classmates, but Hermione shouldn’t compare herself to them.


Hogwarts year 6 chapter 26

It is the second day of teachers meetings. harry potter, headmaster dumbledore and professor quirrel are sitting in the great hall drinking tea.

Soon the rest of the staff enters talking about their classes and how to improve them. They all take a seat except for draco’s mother who stands off on the side observing.

“albus i think it is time for the next step in draco’s training.” she says. albus’s smile drops and he looks at headmistress madam bellemort suspiciously.


How many chapters in hogwarts mystery year 6

In total, there are 40 Potions Lessons in Year 6. They can be completed by buying each lesson with Potion Credits , which you earn as you progress through the story of Year six.

This is different from completing a Task, which will require some other resource such as Energy or Student Tickets . You have a limited number of Potion Credits to complete all Potions Lessons, and can only buy 1 lesson per day.