Hogwarts Mystery Energy Spots You Must Know | Tips & Trick

Hogwarts mystery energy spots Levels

The energy spots in Hogwarts Mystery have varying levels of difficulty and rarity. The three that you can usually find without too much trouble (blue) are: two outside the library, and one outside the Runes classroom. You will want to make sure you interact with these daily as they give you energy. You can also get blueprints for runes and books.

The green energy spot is very rare, so do not rely on finding one everyday. They give three times as much energy as the blue spots. But, you only need to interact with them once per day.


Energy spots quidditch symbols

The energy spots of Hogwarts Mystery game are places where you can run or tap to fill up your energy meter. You need the energy to play the game and progress in it.

There are two types of energy spots: ones that refill automatically over time, some have countdown timers, while others have interactable objects for you to find so that you can get an energy boost by collecting them.


Hogwart mystery energy spots refresh faster?

Something interesting I found while playing, some areas are faster to refresh your energy than others. Too me it seems the clock tower is the fastest at 12 minutes whereas potions class is 24 minutes, but there are exceptions.

Sometimes you get an hourglass symbol on the map that appears randomly in one of the four campus locations telling you to go there, which can be an energy refill or a collectible. It seems the areas with the hourglass next to them are faster at refreshing your energy than their normal counterparts.


Energy spots clubs and classes guide

Here’s where you can meet new friends and unlock secret spell books! Gryffindor Common Room: Enter the common room by tracking down a student named Merula Snyde and helping her find ingredients for her potions class.

Or, head to the Trophy Room and play Wizard’s Chess with Hermione! Just below the Trophy Room is the Hospital Wing, where you can take classes to learn about potion making and gathering ingredients for spells.


Hogwarts energy spots clubhouse undiscovered room

If you’re looking for the best Hogwarts Mystery Energy Spots Clubhouse Undiscovered Room guide, you’ve come to the right place. We put together a full walkthrough with all the details and locations you need to guide your way to success without worrying about running out of energy.

In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to find the best Hogwarts Mystery Energy Spots Clubhouse Undiscovered Room, as well as where to find those pesky Gold Bricks!

This is a complete guide with all the necessary details on finishing each of these tasks and receiving XP and rewards that will help you work your way towards leveling up faster.

As you advance through the game, more energy spots become available to you. However, there are some that are hidden and require a bit of work to find them! You can find undiscovered rooms all over Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.


Energy spots hogsmeade

Three energy spots in the castle – Main Floor, Dungeon and Third Floor. As you walk around the dungeons on your way to potions, there are small blue orbs of lights circling along some of the walls. These can’t be interacted with at any time, so they don’t give you anything but they do show up in some scenes so it’s good to know where they are.

Main Floor Energy Spots. The first energy spot is in the middle of the main hall on a table. There’s a great hall scene that will show it while you’re walking around there and if you see a bunch of people gathered around a table, the orb should be visible from an angle if you take a step or 2 back.

Second is in the great hall on the other side of the room – there’s a long table that has 3 paintings of people at it and the orb should be somewhere around there. It should be visible from an angle though you might have to go up to it and inspect it for it to pop up.

Third is in the great hall again, on a table next to a vase. It’s at the same table where you get your first black veil mystery spot during a potion lesson.


Hogwarts mystery energy spots


Hogwarts energy spots forbidden forest

Forbidden Forest is the second chapter in Hogwarts Mystery. It costs 500 coins to enter, and it’s part of the “Year 4” section of the game.

You’ll find plenty of trees with blue mist coming out of them here. Tap them to get energy. You can also tap on the rocks with green mist coming out of them, but I find it’s not worth your time.

Make sure you keep an eye out for Hedwig! Sometimes she’ll poop up an egg that will give you either 5 or 10 energy points when opened. It’s not guaranteed though.

If you tap the trees and rocks, and find that you’re making very slow progress in your energy bar, then leave and come back. It refreshes with a new set of resources.


Hogwarts mystery energy spots snitch

What is the snitch in hogwarts mystery? The snitch is a tiny ball that appears near the bottom of your screen. It must be caught before it disappears! This can be done by tapping on it. If you catch 25 gold snitches, you will get the silver seeker badge.

After catching 50 silver snitches, you get the golden seeker badge. After catching 100 golden snitches, you get the platinum seeker badge.

What is energy in hogwarts mystery? Energy is required to play most of the events in the game. It takes 40 minutes for one energy to refill (except if you are VIP). You can ask your friends for energy or you can buy it in the shop with gems.

How to get more energy in hogwarts mystery? You can ask your friends for energy by sending them an owl. But, they will only send you back four each time. If you are VIP 4 or higher, then you get 5 energy every five minutes