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Harry potter houses hogwarts animals

The four houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter Series are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Each house is symbolized by an animal.

Gryffindors are represented by a lion which would be a perfect example as they have traits that are both bold and courageous. The lion is also the symbol of Christianity as it was viewed as a sign of courage because lions were hunted by early Christians themselves to prove their faith.

Hufflepuffs are represented by a badger which would be an ideal example as they can show resourcefulness, stubbornness and hard-working traits. The badger is also a symbol of courage as they are fierce when protecting their own.


Hogwarts animals allowed to bring pets

The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is famous for its acceptance of all living beings, magical or not. Now the school is set to make changes that will allow students with certain pets to bring them along on their journey through education.

“We have always been known for our open policy,” said Headmistress McGonagall. “The school has always allowed various animals to come through our halls, whether it be for class or extracurricular activities.”


Hogwarts animals names

The following is a list of magical creatures that are mentioned in the Harry Potter series.

1. Augurey (Irish Phoenix): A thin, green Irish bird which resembles an overgrown, featherless chicken. It cries when rain is imminent.

2. Billywig: An insect native to Australia with transparent wings and blue and red stripes. It has the appearance and slight density of a bluebottle and because of its abnormally fast breeding rate, it is considered a pest in Australia.

3. Bowtruckle: An insect-eating, tree-dwelling creature with long sharp fingers for picking insects out of bark.

4. Chizpurfle: A small parasitic, crab-like creature.

5. Crup: A dog-like magical beast with a rat-like tail. They are loyal to wizards, despite the fact that they are mistreated by many of them (whoever thinks all dogs should be treated like kings clearly hasn’t met my little pom).

6. Demiguise: An ape-like creature with large, black eyes that renders whomever it looks upon invisible. This magical trait inspired the invention of the invisibility cloak.

7. Doxy: A small fairy-like creature that is covered in coarse hair and has an uncontrollable temper when injured or provoked.


Hogwarts animals cute

Hippogriffs is cutest baby on harry potter. Hippogriffs is Gryffindor mascot. Who would not want to be pet by this adorable magical horse? It will make you wish they were real.


Hogwarts animals ravenclaw

Ravenclaw house is represented by an eagle which would be a great example as it shows intelligence , curiosity, and creativity . The eagle was also used in Roman legions to symbolize their victory over people’s enemies.

  1. Ravenclaw = eagle
  2. Gryffindor = lion
  3. Hufflepuff = badger
  4. Slytherin = snake


Hogwarts animals cats and dogs

Pets and animals (including owls, cats and Hippogriffs) kept at Hogwarts. Fans love all kinds of details about the wizarding world, but we know there’s one question that burns in their minds whenever they discuss Harry Potter: What pets do wizards keep? And what is a hippogriff anyway?

Pets kept by witches or wizards at Hogwarts include owls, cats and toads. However, their numbers are regulated due to their propensity to eat other pets or set off spells, so there are probably not too many at Hogwarts.


Hedwig was Harry’s loyal owl who delivered his post and carried messages for him while he was at Hogwarts. Luna Lovegood had a father who worked in the Department of Magical Creatures and her family owned an owl.


A toad is a common type of frog, kept as pets by many witches and wizards in the wizarding world. Neville Longbottom had one named Trevor who he frequently found hiding in his soup at Hogwarts. Professor McGonagall told him that she bought one once, but it kept escaping.


Mrs Norris was the cat owned by Argus Filch, caretaker at Hogwarts. It is unclear whether she was a common cat or an elf-made animagus like Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail).


Hogwarts mystery best animals to adopt

Puffapod. The puffapod is by far the most useful pet you can adopt early on if your goal is to earn energy. This is because it produces a huge amount of energy every 15 minutes and costs almost nothing to feed.

A puffapod produces the same amount of energy every 15 minutes as a black bull, an emperor scorpion and a royal dragon combined! If you get lucky, you may even get a rare golden pet that produces two energy every 15 minutes instead of one.


Hogwarts mystery animals levels guide

There are six different types of animals that you can choose to train at Ancient Studies. They are represented by a different color, and they are:

– The Cat (yellow) – the most common animal type. It’s not very good, but it’s easy to find. This is the lowest Tier animal in this game.

– The Rat (red) – it’s a little bit better than the cat. You can also find them easily. This is the second lowest Tier animal in this game.

– The Horse (brown) – it’s a little bit better than the rat. You can also find them easily. This is the third Tier animal in this game.

– The Snake (green) – you have to go to Egypt to find these animals, though they’re not really difficult to find. This is the second highest Tier animal in this game.

– The Wolf (blue) – you have to go to Germany to find these animals, though they’re not really difficult to find. Despite being a rare animal type it’s probably the best animal type you can choose from. This is the highest Tier animal in this game.

– The Raven (purple) – they are rare animals that you can find in Greece. You probably will not be able to find many of them, so don’t expect your pets to look like the one on this picture. This is the second highest Tier animal in this game.


Hogwarts mystery animals energy

Energy animals do not exist outside of energy form, which means that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. They might materialize in front of you for a split second if you’re lucky (but don’t count on it). Usually, your pet dog will bark at them angrily because he isn’t able to see what you’re seeing.

Energy animals are not “mythical creatures”, even though some people refer to them as such. They are just genuine animals that resemble the physical ones – with the main difference being that they eat energy food instead of physical ones. Don’t be surprised if your pet dog eats your energy animal’s food without any problems!

A lot of magic users keep energy animals as pets, but not all kinds of energy animals can be kept in a physical form. Some will always stay in the invisible state (these ones resemble real-life mythological creatures such as dragons or centaurs).


Hogwarts mystery animals rewards

There are several animals in the game. To make your choices easier we have compiled a list of all animals and their description below. There are also hidden animals that you can find during the course of gameplay which will give you specific rewards. Once an animal is spotted it can no longer be encountered again.

Cat (Reward: 5 coins)
This is one of the easiest animals to find in the game. You will encounter it very early on after leaving your dorm for the first time.

Dog (Reward: 10 coins, Teddy)
This animal can be found near to Hagrid’s hut.

Fox (Reward: 10 coins, Bonfire)
Very easy to spot. You will encounter it in the Entrance Hall area in Hogwarts Castle.

Owl (Reward: 5 coins)
You will find this animal outside one of the fireplaces inside Hogwarts Castle. Once you leave try looking for it again.

Rat (Reward: 5 coins)
This is another common animal in the game. You will find it near to the Grand Staircase inside Hogwarts Castle.

Winged Horse (Reward: 10 coins, Winged Horse Fountain)
You can only encounter this one during Hogsmeade weekend. It’s around Zonko’s.

Raven (Reward: 5 coins)
You will find this animal on the Grand Staircase in Hogwarts Castle. More than one ravens can be found there at a time.

Snake (Reward: 10 coins, Snake Bas-Relief)
This is another common animal in the game and you can find it near to the Grand Staircase.

Undead Cat (Reward: 5 coins)
You will find this one inside Hogwarts Castle during Halloween morning. It’s behind a suit of armour on the first floor. You can also encounter more than one at a time here.