Eren and Mikasa Kiss on AOT: Fun Facts You Should Know

Did eren yeager and mikasa kiss in the manga

Yes, they did! At the end of chapter 104 (original manga), Mikasa is leaning in for a kiss. She is interrupted by the appearance of Armin who reminds them that it’s not just that they are refugees but also delinquents. Eren then says that he needs to get stronger and leaves with Mikasa tagging along.


Eren and mikasa kiss episode summary

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Eren and mikasa kiss chapter 138 part 1

“I’m sorry.” Eren finally says, breaking the silence. “I understand if you’re mad at me for not telling you I was leaving.” He pauses, carefully watching Mikasa’s expressionless face.” But I just had to do it. You can’t imagine how hard…”

She interrupts him by pulling him into a kiss. Eren looks surprised, but soon closes his eyes and kisses back. They both pull away a couple minutes later.

eren and mikasa kiss

“I understand,” Mikasa says in a small voice, looking down at her feet shyly “Is it okay if I come with you?” She asks quietly without making eye contact. Eren grins from ear to ear.

“Of course!” He says, standing up and offering his hand to help her up “We’re partners after all.” A few days later they finally leave, but not before Eren spends hours making a rope ladder that will allow them both to climb out their window easily in case of an emergency.


Will eren and mikasa kiss in season 4 of attack on titan

They will in season 4 and they will end up together I know for a fact that the 2 of them love each other. And then in season 4 this happened.

*spoiler* Eren’s mom comes back from the dead to help him save mikasa after Annie kills her eren gets super mad so his mom tells him the truth about everything including that she loves mikasa. Eren not knowing what to do says “What do you mean” and he finds mikasa laying on the floor fighting Annie with out her gear.

He jumps in with his gear but when he gets in there Annie hits him really hard. But, then when eren was about to give up he looks over to mikasa. She gives him the look like please save me so eren gets mad enough that his mom comes out and saves them all. Then, about 5 years later they are at a ceremony for those who died in battle.


Why didn’t eren and mikasa kiss?

Three reasons:

1) Eren didn’t want to admit that he liked mikasa

2) The author is really bad at writing romance

3) You can see their relationship as half-siblings without taking things too far.