Does historia love eren on AOT? Best Answer With Explanation

Does historia love eren on aot

I don’t know if she loves Eren. There is something between them, no doubt. But I think Historia’s main priority is to protect her people and not to love someone specifically. When she was a child she had this role in mind that the Reiss family supposed to fulfill, and I’m sure that Eren can be very dangerous sometimes.

Although he has the best intentions. And I think that Historia is very good at keeping her priorities straight. Plus, she doesn’t like Eren because of his impulsiveness and recklessness.


Does historia love eren or ymir?

Historia loves eren. she chose eren in season 2 when titans were attacking and said, “take care of… my child,” so she must have already been pregnant.

Note: *spoilers* this article will talk about the second season of the anime and use screencaps from it as well as from the manga.

She also said in episode 24 after opening up to eren, “you saved me,” referring to when she herself had been saved from being eaten by titans.


Does eren love historia or mikasa more?

Mikasa. Eren, as many characters in the show, is developing a healthy relationship with Historia. He sees her as a very good friend and comrade (this can also be seen when he said that she was “like family” to him) .

Some people are insisting on shipping them because they share some tender moments or blushes, but it is important to remember that these are both very good friends and have a healthy relationship.

Eren’s love interest is Mikasa. It was clear from the beginning of the show that he had feelings for her, has not stopped loving her since then and will never stop loving her.


Who does eren love more mikasa or historia

Hahaha I’m not gonna answer that. It would be funny to keep you guessing forever. And plus, it’s your own business which girl Eren likes the most! Gotta wait for him to make his move!!

Mikasa or Historia? Hmm… How do I put this…? Ah right! Mikasa is family. Historia is something else.

Which girl Eren likes the most since he doesn’t have to pick between mikasa or historia plus it’s not gonna be revealed for a while? Well I know what I’m adding to the fanfic so you’ll all find out eventually!


Does eren yeager love historia kroger?

It is true that Eren Yeager loves Historia, but if you are asking whether their relationship is romantic or plutonic, the answer is simply ‘yes’. It’s complicated. Let us explain…

Eren and Historia met as children in the year 844 when she accidentally knocked him off a balcony. For some reason Eren decided not to murder her on the spot, but instead helped nurse her back to health using first aid techniques he had learned from his mother.

Some kind of bond must have formed between them as the years passed and the two were eventually adopted together by Grisha and Carla Yeager.


Is historia in love with eren?

This is a question that has confounded the anime fandom since the 2013 debut of Attack on Titan . One reading this article may even ask “Why are you wasting my time with this trivial nonsense?

Why don’t you write about something important like my waifu?” Well, I am very sorry for taking up your valuable time and will now get on to the question at hand.

In order for this question to be answered, we must first ask another: is eren a good character? Well, I personally think he’s okay. In fact, I even wrote about him in my very first article comparing anime characters whom I believe share the personalities of Attack on Titan characters.