Does Deku Turn Into Villain? Detailed Explanation

Does deku turn into a villain in the manga

While the anime has yet to actually show their fight, they do bump heads for a bit in volume 9 chapter 31. This chapter starts with Deku talking to Todoroki during the U.A.

Sports festival while watching Bakugo’s match against Tetsutetsu, a character from the manga who only showed up in the anime’s first season. The chapter covers Deku and Bakugo sparing with each other, alone in the training camp area of the U.A. campus.”

Does deku ever become a villain in bnha

Maybe he becomes a hero villain in the sense that he’s always training himself to be stronger in order to protect everyone, but at the same time this also leads him to neglecting his own needs/wants which can lead him thinking of others as weaker than him or even worthless. so yeah he’d definitely become an antagonist for a lot of people, including himself.

I’m thinking like if katsuki and deku had an argument and deku was like “stop coming to me for help or support or whatever.” And katsuki was like “no shut up u don’t understand what it’s like” idk that kind of level where he becomes antagonist.

It’s so obvious it’s kinda funny, but yeah the whole series is basically an allegory for mental illness. Babby’s first angsty shounen being treated like shit by everyone around them self-harming themselves until their power manifests to protect themselves.

Does deku actually turn into a villain

I don’t know how it’s possible, but i’ve seen that theory around and people seem to think he might turn out evil. Just wanted to say I don’t think he ever will.

It’s a well written theory, but unless there is some kind of major factors that play into it, I don’t see the idea having much credibility. The main problem with the theory is simple: Deku’s moral character and personality. No matter how radically things change.

Does deku turn into a villain in season 5

All you mean is that deku gets his dad’s quirk, which is canon. it doesn’t necessarily turn him into a villain. He might embrace the heroism of All Might and be inspired to use his new powers for good. But, he might also become disillusioned with society and/or very frustrated with people failing to live up to their own potential.

Either way, there’s plenty of possible story lines for Deku in season 5. Even if he does go bad, it may not be forever, and his time as the villain could even end up being a turning point that brings him back into heroics.

What episode does deku turn into a villain

He becomes a villain at the last episode. Spoiler alert!!! The hero named Izuku Midoriya, gets accepted into U.A High School where he’ll learn to become a pro hero, but it turns out that he has no powers.

A villain attacks him and gets killed by All Might, who’s looking for someone with a quirk that can be transferred into someone who doesn’t have one. All Might finds Izuku, decides that he’s the perfect candidate, and transfers his quirk to him.

He gets really fast healing abilities called “recovery” which puts an immense strain on his body every time he uses them so he has to keep getting stronger in order to control it or else he’ll die.