Deku X Villain: 6 Facts You Should Read

Deku x villain reader

The reader has been kidnapped by the league of villains, and you have been rescued from them for now. Both you and deku are hostages in a house together as they try to figure out what to do with two people who were caught up in their plan.

Deku x villain reader

Summary: AU. You and Izuku attend an elite school for the rich where everything is great, except it’s full of bullies who pick on you two. One day, when they go too far, Izuku snaps and his quirk finally activating. But it wasn’t just any quirk.

Review: Firstly, this story caught my attention because of the cover art. I love it so much and it really makes me want to read the fanfic! The summary is also very good and has a great hook to it. It definitely made me want to know what would happen next as soon as I read it!

Deku x villain deku gacha life

Prologue: i was walking around tokyo and saw deku (hero) cosplayers!! then i saw someone who looked like the oppisite of that person, but he was wearing a black cloak -_- then the villain came out of no where! “villain!” the hero screamed then the villain attacked.

The hero dodged the attack with a backflip. “you’re going to have to try harder than that!” the villain groaned then used his quirk on a wall, trapping it.

Hero deku x villain deku lemon

“Kacchan, what you said is wrong!” Deku yelled as he tried to push away Katsuki. They were on the school rooftop, with no one else around since everyone was already in class except them because they were both skipping.

On the floor besides them were a few shattered pieces of a dirty glass bottle that had contained lemon juice.
“What, you gonna tell on me now, fucker?!” Katsuki shouted back as he punched Deku. It was a hard punch and it knocked the boy to the ground where he started to cough up blood.

Hero deku x villain reader

So many parents suddenly died on a daily basis, leaving their child behind with no idea what to do. Oh well, life goes on and villains have just as much of a chance to survive as the next guy! Or girl I suppose.

This is a fan fic that wasn’t originally intended to be written, but then it kind of took a life of its own and here we are now.

I crawled out from under the stone rubble that was once my house, dirty with cuts and scrapes all over me as I looked around at my surroundings.

Villain deku x villain ochako

“Deku! We’re destined to be together!” – Ochako Uraraka

One-shot AU where instead of being the Chosen One, Izuku finds out he’s actually a villainous mastermind known as Black Hat. The Quirkless dweeb finds himself joining the League of  Villains after ONE FOR ALL rejects him in the worst way possible. And he didn’t even get to choose his own name!

While trying to strike it big in villainy, Deku ends up meeting another aspiring young girl who happens to be one of his classmates…his rival…Ochako Uraraka. Now will they fight? Will they romance? Or will both…?!

AN: this is a wild AU scenario that just popped into my head, so hope you enjoy! if there’s anything you want to see or hear more of let me know!