Deku x Villain Reader: Everything You Should Know

Deku x villain reader?

I guess it can be an AU where the reader and deku are both students. But, the reader’s quirk is controlling plants and deku has a fire/heat quirk (which could make for some smol sfw moments like when they hold hands or kiss).

Then, one day you get caught by akira (he’s deku’s dad) and he tells you that your quirk is actually dangerous to deku because it makes him sick. Or maybe their quirks become more powerful when they’re around each other???

An AU where the reader has multiple personality disorder with several unknown personalities who are all villains. Deku is unaware of this and it’s like a bad day on the job except all of the villains have incredible powers.

Someone with a reallllly strong quirk that can hurt deku? I’m thinking something along the lines of steel or diamond hard skin, but not quite as common as those two.

Deku x villain reader lemon

“Ahh! what am i doing..” you said to your self while putting your head on the table of the classroom. It has been three days since you transferred schools, and things are complicated. Izuku, he’s sweet, kind hearted, caring(smol beans tho), brave, smart–wait did you say that out loud?

*knock on the door*

“Yes come in” you said waving your hand. It was mr. Amin who walked in, he looked around the class room making sure everything is good to go for today’s lesson of self defense. “Okay kids i am going to split you up into groups so you can practice” He said looking at everyone’s face.

“Haizzz! i’m in the same group with mineta!” A girl whined while sitting on the floor. “Yup, but i’m glad that we are not paired up with mineta” another girl said happily.

Pro hero deku x villain reader

Prologue: A Meeting. You don’t know how it happened, but you’re here. You’re trapped in a dark room with none other than the number one pro hero himself, All Might. He’s dying and so are you. But maybe… maybe there’s still time to save both of you if you can just reach out to him. It’s alright if you die, but… at least try.

“Hey.” You said, breaking the silence with a croak. The room is barely lit by the moon shining through the windows and your eyes are still adjusting. “I’m not that hurt, so I’ll give you my legs.” You say weakly, still trying to move away. You can see him shrinking back in pain and- is he crying?

“You… What?” He manages after a moment, clearly confused. “Why would you do that?” He asks with a hushed voice.

“It’s alright, go on.” You say again, attempting to chuckle. But instead, you cough and pain racks your body. For a moment… for one shining, glorious moment you see him right in front of you before the darkness takes over.
“Damn it.” He curses under his breath as he jumps to catch you. “Hold on! Don’t die!”

BNHA deku x villain reader

I know its hard to imagine deku like this, but i wanted to write him in a different light and i saw him as kind of manipulative and devilish. Enjoy!

It’s been years since the three of you fought side by side and had some sort-of redemption for yourselves. Things changed, people grew up—but not always in the way they’re supposed to.

There was a villain who had his plan backfire, and he had been on the run for years now. The group that you were once a part of has finally caught him and brought him into custody.

You sat on a bench as your friends talked with someone from the society about how this was going to go and how they were going to lock him away.

You hummed along with the radio and tapped your fingers against your leg in a pattern of boredom, but when it turned off mid-song you knew that you had been waiting long enough.

Villain deku x pregnant reader

The night was cold and silent as a young woman, a mukoyōshi, walked down the street with a black sweatshirt on. She had spiky orange hair that reached her shoulders, freckles across her face and sharp sea green eyes. Her name was Tsuyu Asui.

She was returning from her part time job when she heard something that caught her attention. “Hey! Take it easy!” Tsuyu turned to see a balding man with blood on his face being dragged by two men.

One was very tall with green skin while the other had skin of an orange shade. The taller one threw the man against the wall, facing him so he could look at him straight in the eye.

“No más! You’ve already killed me!” He yelled before the tall one punched his face, knocking him out cold. The smaller of the two said something to his partner and they dragged off the lifeless body into an alley where they disappeared afterwards. Tsuyu, horrified by what had transpired.

Yandere villain deku x reader lemon

One-shots! Requests are open! Yandere villain deku x reader. This story will contain yandere, heavy smut and spoilers up to season 2 of homestuck.

Also, just so you know, it’ll be dark fic much like the webcomic itself. And I’m warning you, yandere! Deku bothers you, then this is a story not for you.

Hero deku x villain reader

Todoroki was just as surprised to hear about the events of that night as everyone else, and was completely unaware that his other teammates and greatest rivals were also involved.

While Izuku and Mina took their time explaining everything that happened in vivid detail, Todoroki sat on his bed with a bored look on his face.