Deku Villain Manga: You Need to Know Before Read It

Deku villain on manga

Todoroke Jiro is a boy who was born from a family of famous heroes. Against his will their bloodline pressure, he longed to be normal and avoid the shadow of his grandfather’s exploits as All Might’s first predecessor. However, after discovering that he has a power named Quirk, it seemed like he does have what it takes to follow in his family’s footsteps.

I want to be a hero, but I don’t have a Quirk! When Jiro was pushed by his parents and grandfather into accepting that he has a power, he finds out that he is Quirk-less.

Although Jiro was given the business card of U.A High and told to go and enroll, it seems like he can’t be a hero without a power.

However, his fate changes when the mysterious U.A director sends him a “Monster Ticket” which allows him to go to an island of monsters.

Deku villain manga chapter 1

The following is a translation of the first chapter of the upcoming Boku no Hero Academia manga. My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. As such, all statements and actions within this article pertaining to canon are entirely subject to change as new chapters are released.

On an early Thursday morning, somewhere in Tokyo’s 23 Wards “Are you kidding me!?” The hero-turned-villain: Gran Torino. Another villain: the Deafening Master of Sound: Onosaka Masayuki. His fight had brought mayhem to a shopping district on the outskirts of town.

If he wasn’t stopped, there was no telling how many would die. And so, the up-and-coming young pro hero: Satou Sei, confronts this dangerous man for what was supposed to be their very first battle.

The villain’s power makes it unclear whether or not he can even hear his own voice.

Does deku become a villain manga chapter 1

The first chapter of the manga begins with a weird black creature attacking deku and destroying most of his arms. Deku is not only unable to fight, but also has to deal with this new condition which renders him practically defenseless.

He is saved by his friend Tsuyu Asui before any real damage can be done, but the creature escapes. Later they find out that it is actually a human boy, wearing an iron knuckle. The pair decide to search for him with the help of deku’s other friend Ochako Uraraka.

At this point in time Deku is still wearing his black skinned costume. His hero outfit was revealed at the end of the battle with Bakugo during the Sports Festival. After some searching, they find the human child and deduce that he is an escaped experiment and try to convince him to go back.