Deku Villain Costume: Design, Evolution, Price and More

Deku villain costume

Deku’s Villain Costume Is Now Available In Overwatch. Overwatch has just introduced a new update for Halloween which brings out the spookiness in the game. Along with it, there are new costumes available for Tracer, Winston and Widowmaker as well as Junkrat. However, the highlight is definitely Deku’s costume of the arch-nemesis of My Hero Academia: Stain.

Originally from the same anime, this spooky skin has been introduced in Overwatch by the means of a comic strip and we must say it looks pretty amazing.

While there is no word on how to unlock such skins, players can expect them to be available for purchase using credits or the in-game currency on the release of Halloween.

Check out Deku’s Villain Costume Below

If you look closely, it seems like he has made quite an effort on making sure his costume is up to date with latest trends. It looks more like a Green Arrow cosplay than just a simple skin of Stain. You can check out more such amazing skins and change up your heroes by visiting the link here .

And if you’re a Deku fan like most of us, we expect you to be spending quite some time on normalizing his skin tone. Make sure to let us know what you think about the new update in Overwatch and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Deku vigilante costume design

The costumes are sold at This time it’s “the dark knight” deku cosplay concept, made with real leather and wool cloth materials. There was also a previous black muscle shirt version of the deku costume. Both costumes are designed by

This time it’s part of “the dark knight” movie cosplay series, which also includes two other versions (joker and harvey dent) of the batman costumes. The price of all three costumes are $339.99.

This deku cosplay costume is made with real leather and wool cloth materials, designed by, totally hand-made. We can buy this deku vigilante costume at via paypal.

Deku costume evolution

I always wanted to cosplay something from Boku no Hero Academia! I love the show and just thinking about being a hero is exciting. One day, when I was scrolling through Instagram, I saw someone cosplaying as Izuku Midoriya from the anime.

He was wearing a green hoodie which looked very cool, so I thought that I wanted to cosplay as him too. It wasn’t until the next day that I found out.

I could join a group with my friend who was already planning on cosplaying as Katsuki Bakugou! We both went through some ideas and finally chose our costumes for this year’s Animecon!

We decided to focus on the first season, so our costumes are based off the first episode of the series. I’m wearing Izuku’s “training” costume and my friend is wearing Katsuki’s hero costume. We won’t wear training outfits for too long.

Some people have asked me how we made them, so I’ll try to explain it here. First of all, we had to find a pattern for the green hoodie that I’m wearing. It was not easy because Izuku’s hoodie is very complicated with many details on it! The one we found was perfect and we also liked how it looked like real clothes instead of some costume piece.

Deku hero costume season 5 confirmed

The one and only hero we believe in, is back! After a successful second season of DEKU!! Time for it’s third season with not only more hype than ever before, but also some new characters that will be joining the cast. With Deku as our protagonist it won’t be long till he’ll have to fight again, but in the meantime let’s take a look at some of the newcomers who have been confirmed for this season.

The first one is a villain we can’t wait to see, Tomura Shigaraki. No doubt Deku will run into him somewhere in his adventures and won’t be surprised if he’ll become one of his greatest foes. With the appearance of the leader of the league of villains, we’re sure that this season will have a lot of action.

The second character is Tsuyu Asui aka Froppy, one of Deku’s closest friends and his sidekick just as much. We got to see her in season 2 for a little while being Deku’s support, but this time we’ll get to see a lot more of her.

We don’t know yet if she’ll have the same role as an assistant or she’ll be a protagonist herself, but either way we can’t wait for it!