Bicep Press: 4 Types Basic Exercises to Build Muscle

Bicep Press …. What?! You mean Bicep curl and press! But it’s 2016 and Cavemantraining has come out with the bicep press, yes the bicep press!

press up for bicep

And it challenges the brachialis / biceps through an isometric contraction, we know that a concentric contraction with the press is impossible when it comes to the biceps.

bicep press

In my book Master The Kettlebell Press I explain in full detail how you can challenge the brachialis/biceps with an awesome isometric contraction during several press variations. I know many people will be jumping for joy as kettlebells and biceps have always been a thing.

bicep press up

Still keep doing your chin-ups religiously, and add this awesome exercise to your program!Make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel as I’ll be putting out a video for it soon.

bicep arnold press

No, I mean bicep press! Yes if you search Google today 22 December 2016 you will find only information about the bicep curl and press, this is where people perform a bicep curl and move into a shoulder press.