AR-14: Types, Specs, Comparison to AR-15 and More



What is AR 14?

AR-14 is the name given to the semi-automatic only version of M1A rifle, made by Springfield Armory. AR stands for “ArmaLite Rifle”, not assault rifle. They are in fact two different rifles, with some parts that are interchangeable between them.


AR 15 vs AR 14

The AR-15 is the rifle that is known as an assault rifle. This is the civilian version of M16 service rifle. The AR-14 isn’t really used much anymore, having been replaced by the more popular AR-15/M16 rifles.

The original ArmaLite manufactured a commercial version of its military AR-10 rifle called the AR-10(T) which was available for purchase. When the AR-15 became available, ArmaLite produced it as the AR-15(T). Around 1959, ArmaLite sold its rights to the AR-10 and AR-15 to Colt’s Manufacturing Company which continued to produce them.

The most notable difference between the AR-14 and AR-15 is that the former has a wooden stock while the latter uses a different type of synthetic material for this part.


Assault rifle 14 History

The AR-14 Assault Rifle was designed in 1957 by Eugene Stoner, Robert Fremont and James Sullivan of the Fairchild Engine & Airplane Corporation in response to a request from the United States Army’s Continental Army Command (CONARC).

The AR-14 was never produced for the military, but instead entered production in 1959 as the AR-15 Rifle, which was marketed to civilian firearm owners. The designation “AR-15” comes from the original manufacturer’s name ArmaLite Rifle model 15 .


Pistol AR 14 Facts

I think that 6-shot magazines are plenty for 99% of the scenarios out there. But, I’ve always wanted to come up with a design that can be easily swapped in and out. The AR-14 Pistol Grip ( Patent Pending ) is my solution to this problem.

The current prototype has an overall length of ~4″ and is designed for .223/5.56mm AR-15s, but may work on AR-10s as well.

The AR-14 Grip is an open-source project. You are completely free to download the CAD files, print your own copy, modify it, or come up with a new design of your own.


AR 15 vs mini 14

The Ruger Mini-14 is a popular rifle. But, some shooters are under the mistaken impression that it is an “inferior” copy of the M16/AR-15. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Although there are some similarities, the Mini-14 is a very different type of rifle.

Ruger has been making some changes to their new line of Mini-14 rifles. But, the newest model still lacks many features found on most AR-15s. In fact, it’s unlikely that a new Mini owner will ever be able to upgrade his rifle to the level of an AR-15 due to cost and availability.

Although the Mini-14 is no longer “new” in that it has been on the market for over thirty years, it remains a very popular ranch rifle among collectors, hunters, hikers, campers and target shooters. Ruger’s factory warranty is second to none and they continue to stand behind their firearms.


Buying AR 14 shotgun 

AR-14 Shotguns are not that hard to find online in the gun market, but they are mostly incomplete because of their price range if you go to a fully complete AR-14 shotguns it would be better for you to buy an original AR-15 instead since its cheaper and you may find the AR-14 at your local gun stores.

But, sometimes finding an original AR-15 is not practical if you don’t like to own a bulky rifle since the size of it makes it hard to carry around for security purpose or if you live in certain countries that restricts firearms ownership, then owning an AR-14 is the best alternative.

Owning an AR-14 you can make it as your favorite shotgun but with a little bit of customizations it will turn into a fully automatic rifle which if you are allowed to own one by law, then its legal for you to own one too since the ATF already approved the design of this weapon.


Fact about mini AR 14 

The Israeli Mini-Uzi submachine gun, which filled the ranks of Israel’s military and police forces in great numbers, has found itself exported to many countries around the world.

Today it is one of the more readily available submachine guns – at least on the civilian market. This article looks at how this weapon became so popular both in Israel and beyond.


Armalite 14 type rifle Opinion

Is there a gun ar-14 rifle? Sure. I’ve always wondered why the Armalite AR-14 is called an Assault Rifle. To me, an assault rifle would be something that can shoot fully automatic where you hold down trigger. And it continuously fires until you release your finger.

For example, the M16A2 is an Assault Rifle because it’s fully automatic. But in order to shoot semi-automatic, I have to click on each individual round instead of holding the trigger down. The Armalite AR-14 however requires me to hold the trigger to fire a shot.

I’ve looked up the definition of Assault Rifle and it doesn’t really answer my question. It just explains what an assault rifle is from a technical standpoint, but not from any practical or military standpoint.



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AR caliber piston

a.k.a.: Mk 48 Mod 0, Mk 48, Mk 46 MOD 1

The Mk 48 machine gun system provides combat troops with greater firepower than currently available from existing Sub Machine Gun (SMG) or Assault Rifle platforms. Mk 48 simultaneously delivers .308 caliber accuracy and reliability with the signature reduction to a manageable recoil level.

Mk 48 system is the successor to the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) and incorporates improvements based on operational experience gained since its introduction in 1984.

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