50+ Alt Girl Haircut Styles & Outfits 2021

Alt girl meaning

What is an ALT girl? An “alt girl” meaning a young woman who rejects feminine norms and adopts an alternative lifestyle. The term alt girl is a relatively new one but has been gaining greater popularity over the past few years.

The term alt girl refers to a young woman who lives an alternative lifestyle. Some women who have been described as alt girls have tattoos and wear unique clothing styles. They also listen to rock music and adopt other culturally defined masculine characteristics.

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The origin of the word ‘alt’ is uncertain. It might be a shortened version of the adjective ‘alternative’ which itself is derived from the noun ‘alternative’.

The term alternative was first used in the mid 60s. It was referred to rock bands who played music outside of the mainstream. Alternative culture soon became a global phenomenon as fans of alternative music adopted alternative traits such as dress styles, body ornamentation and musical tastes.


Outfits and Fashion

As an alt girl, you’ll need to know what outfits complement your pale complexion and dark hair. We’ve put together a few different looks that show how easy it is to look beautiful without trying too hard!

All of these outfit ideas are great for alt girls – you might want to mix up the boots and tights if they don’t fit your personal style. But, these outfits should give you an idea of how to dress like an alt girl.

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Eyeliner alt girls

Although the alt girl uniform is uniform in its uniformity—black clothes and boots—the key to looking alternative is the eyeliner.

Eyeliner has been a staple of the alternative look since Billy Corgan popularized it in the early ’90s. And while there are varying degrees of thickness, all alt girls wear it.


Alt girl haircut style

Love it or hate it, the alt girl hair style is only getting more popular. If you are not familiar with this hairstyle yet, here is a brief explanation of what it is all about.

Hi-top or fade haircut

The alt girl hairstyle is also known as the hi-top or fade haircut. It was made popular by a Japanese model who has inspired thousands of other ladies to get this particular look for themselves.

If you are thinking about getting one yourself it’s best that you understand what separates an alt girl hairstyle from the regular fade haircut. It’s mainly about length and style – albeit you can clearly see that there are computerized elements involved, i.e. color streaks, even numbers of strands on top/at the back, etc.

Haircuts style 2012-2013

The alt girl haircut is a variation of the pixie cut, which you see on many celebrities. Though the pixie cut started as a man’s hairstyle (invented by Antoine de Paris in 1910), it has become more common to see women sporting this look.

This look is characterized by short hair cut in a textured, messy way. The hair can be cut very close to the scalp or longer with layers that are usually unevenly chopped.

This hairstyle works for women who want to switch up their style, but don’t want to grow out their hair. It is also an attractive look for those who want to experiment with edgy haircuts without committing to a buzz cut or something even shorter.


Alt shoes

Sneakers have been a staple in alt girls style for some time now. Combine with Doc Martens and creepers having made their way into the scene. However, these shoes aren’t just a vintage-inspired trend reserved for goths and emos. Sneakers are becoming stylish shoes that can be incorporated into any casual or dressy wardrobe.



Alternative girl fashions

The key to adding sneakers into your wardrobe is to match them with more dressy outfits, such as a cute skirt paired with a classic black Converse. Or, for a fun casual outfit idea, go for a slip on or lace up sneaker and pair it with denim shorts and a graphic tee for a laid back look.

Keds and Vans are two of the most popular brands for girls who want something simple and classic to pair with their outfits, but there is a big selection of styles and colors to choose from at all prices. As this trend becomes more popular, expect new sneaker brands to pop up which will offer even more variety.


Clothing brands

A lot of the “alternative” clothing that is available for women are either men’s clothes that have been altered or completely cheaply made. It can be difficult to find quality, unique clothing in non-standard sizes, especially if you’re looking online.


Tiktok alt girl

You can see a lot of alt girls on tiktok. In the video below you can see a list of alt girls and their accounts. You can follow them whoever you want.