Alluka Power and How She Get It

Although her actions are scary enough as it is, all this mystery makes Nanika’s actions even more terrifying. This culmination of frightening attributes is what makes Nanika such a memorable character, despite only being introduced in the final Hunter X Hunter arc.

How did alluka get her power

Technically Alluka does not have powers. They share their body with an entity named Nanika that seems to be omnipotent. Nanika can grant any wish someone asks (seemingly, healing at least has been shown to require physical contact, any other limits are currently unknown).

What power does alluka have

Supposedly, Nanika wakes up and can grant one wish after Alluka is granted 3 requests from a single individual before going back to sleep and Alluka wakes up.

The wish granted will then be reflected in the next time Alluka makes 3 requests. As such, if a simple wish is made (like asking for a kiss) then the next requests will also be simplistic and easy to perform (such as playing a game, answering a question, a hug, etc.)

But if a more complicated wish is made (such as for billions in cash) then the following requests from Alluka next time she makes requests from someone will be much more severe (such as asking to be given body parts and vital organs).

Alluka personality

Alluka’s other personality, Nanika also has a mind and personality of itself. Sharing the same body with Alluka, it calls Killua as “Big Brother” while Alluka calls Killua by his name. It seems to have an intelligence equal to that of a young kid and it can even talk.

What power does alluka have

Now, I said “supposedly” at the beginning of all this because it is all possibly fake. Killua (who is essentially the only person who actually likes and is nice to both Alluka and Nanika) is actually immune to some of the rules (like how the requests following wishes are more severe for bigger wishes).

This is theorized to be because Nanika and Alluka actually like Killua since he is actually nice to them, which implies they dont actually need to have Alluka make requests for Nanika to appear and grant wishes, they just do it anyway.

Is alluka the strongest

Alluka Zoldyck has one of the strongest in all of HxH.She is possessed by another her named Nanika which is her “other self”. She can make any wish you wantcoe true. She responds with “Kay” and then it happens. But before this if you don’t answer 3 questions she asks, you die. Its pretty brutal but Alluka is crazy strong and cute. Lol.


Alluka doesn’t have any powers, specifically, she is possessed by an unknown entity which is speculated to be from the Dark continent.

She is the only member of the Zoldyck family who has not been trained or follows the family career.

The unknown entity, “Something” or Nanika in the manga, is shrouded in mystery and so far only Killua has the patience and understanding to communicate with it. She can be distinguished by the expression on Alluka’s face and by how she calls Killua, Alluka calls him brother, and Nanika calls him by his name.